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The War Against Truth

It has long been a cliché that China is inscrutable to foreigners, but it is also becoming inscrutable to itself.

· 9 min read
Free Tibet protestors in colourful costumes hold up signs
At a free Tibet rally in Paris, May 2024. Norbu Gyachung on Unsplash.

Our secrets and our lies … are practically what define us.
~Legasov, Chernobyl

Is Washington trying to provoke World War III? Xi Jinping believes so, or at least, he claims to believe so. In recent days, it has emerged that he warned European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen about the US political establishment goading Beijing to attack Taiwan, presumably as part of a grand plan to bring about Chinese collapse. Xi, fortunately, has seen through these schemes, and he is not about to take the bait.

A planned invasion of Taiwan is certainly no American fabrication. In Fujian province, just across the water from Taiwan, the Communist Party is busy building air-raid shelters and emergency hospitals. Military recruitment centres have been opening all over China. Banks, utility firms, and property companies now host workplace militias. Beijing appears to be sanction-proofing the nation’s economy. Over the past 18 months, China’s gold reserves have skyrocketed, reaching an estimated value of $170 billion, while Chinese investment in Saudi Arabia (an indispensable oil supplier) saw a sharp increase from $1 billion in 2022 to $16 billion in 2023. However we choose to interpret them, these are the facts.

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