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After October 7 with Pamela Paresky

Pamela Paresky interviews Israeli intellectuals, politicians, servicemen, and others in the wake of Hamas's October 7 attacks on Israel.

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Pamela Paresky in front of a lectern, with a slide in the background.
Pamela Paresky for the Interfaith Lecture Series during Chautauqua Institution’s week themed "Freedom of Expression, Imagination, and the Resilience of Democracy" during the 2023 Summer Assembly. Via YouTube.

Psychologist and Quillette contributor Pamela Paresky travelled across Israel in the wake of October 7 and interviewed Israeli intellectuals, politicians, servicemen, and others about Hamas’s attack on Israel, how it happened and how it’s changed the country and the world. Below is a full list of all Pamela’s interviews in this series.

Journalist Lahav Harkov Gives An Introduction to Israeli Politics

Lahav Harkov, a journalist and political analyst, discusses the Israeli parliamentary system, highlighting the challenges of forming coalitions and the voter’s role in selecting parties over individual candidates.

IDF Spokesperson Jonathan Cornicus on How the Israel-Hamas War Has Been Fought

Jonathan Conricus is known for his role as an international spokesperson for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). His work primarily involved communicating the IDF’s positions, actions, and related developments to the international community, which often included handling highly sensitive and complex issues given the geopolitical dynamics of the region.

Former Soviet Dissident and Israeli Politician Natan Sharansky on Defining Antisemitism

Natan Sharansky is a Soviet dissident and later Israeli politician, human rights activist and author who spent nine years in Soviet prisons as a refusenik during the 1970s and 1980s. He served as Chairman of the Executive for the Jewish Agency from June 2009 to August 2018.

International Relations Expert Dan Schueftan on the Roots of the Palestinian-Israel Conflict

Dan Schueftan is a prominent Israeli academic and expert in international relations, security studies, and Middle Eastern affairs. He is known for his insightful analysis and commentary on various geopolitical issues, particularly concerning Israel and its relations with neighbouring countries, as well as broader regional dynamics.

Adult Entertainer Michael Lucas On Being Cancelled for a Pro-Israel Tweet

Michael Lucas, CEO and founder of Lucas Entertainment, shares his experiences growing up in the Soviet Union as a gay and Jewish man, his support for Israel and the backlash he faced for those views.

Israel’s Special Envoy on Antisemitism, Michal Cotler-Wunsh, on Antisemitism Today and its Threat to Both Israel and Liberal Society

In the Knesset, representing the Blue and White party, Cotler-Wunsh’s focus has been on human rights, social justice, and the rule of law, with a particular emphasis on combating antisemitism and advocating for minority rights.

Izabella Tabarovsky on Modern Left-Wing Antisemitism’s Soviet Roots

Izabella Tabarovsky is a researcher, writer, and Quillette contributor who focuses on the Soviet Jewish experience, memory politics, and the politics of historical memory in the post-Soviet space. She has written extensively on Soviet history, the Holocaust in Eastern Europe, and the experiences of Soviet Jewry. Her work often explores the intersection of history, memory, and identity, particularly how the Soviet past continues to influence the present in Russia and other former Soviet republics.

Historian Gil Troy on How the Pro-Palestinian Movement Hijacked the Civil Rights Movement

Gil Troy is a prominent historian, author, and professor who has extensively researched and written about American presidential history and modern Zionism.

American-Israeli Tech Writer Hillel Fuld on Losing His Brother to Terrorism

Hillel Fuld is an American Israeli known for his significant contributions to the tech industry, especially in Israel. Born in New York City, he moved to Israel as a teenager.

Dani Elgarat, Brother of Israeli Hostage Itzik Elgarat

Itzik Elgarat, 69, was in his Kibbutz Nir Oz home on the morning of October 7 when Hamas terrorists attacked his home, shooting him through his safe room door, injuring him, and taking him captive.

Chayal’s Angels Founder, Tasha Cohen, on Founding the Organisation to Help Injured IDF Soldiers

Chayal’s Angels is a dedicated organisation with a singular mission—to provide unwavering support to injured IDF soldiers stationed on bases across Israel.

Knesset member Boaz Bismuth on the world's double standards

The Knesset member speaks about his moving address to the European Parliament in which he highlighted the double standards that the international community places on Jews and Israelis.

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