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Our New Podcast and YouTube Series

Introducing you to Quillette Cetera.

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Our New Podcast and YouTube Series

Did you know that Quillette has a new podcast?

Quillette Cetera is an audio-visual podcast hosted by me, Zoe Booth. As Quillette's community manager, I may have helped answer your membership enquiries or met you at one of the Quillette Socials I plan. Now I'm inviting you to follow our new project: Quillette Cetera, a weekly conversation recorded at Quillette HQ in Sydney, Australia.

Most episodes are conversations I host with Claire Lehmann, Quillette's founder. But on occasion I'll be joined by other guests, either in person or via video link, many of whom are Quillette contributors.

In Ampel Studio where we record the podcast.

Why did we start Quillette Cetera?

In 2019, I found solace in Quillette and its founder, Claire Lehmann, while feeling politically homeless at twenty-four. I'd been involved in leftist movements since high school but had become disillusioned by these increasingly authoritarian progressive circles. At the same time, I knew I wasn't conservative, but simply that I valued liberalism, humanism and rationality. I didn't know there was a space for that in the middle, and that I didn't have to be ideologically tied to the Left or Right. You can hear me talk more about my experience here.

I found a home in Quillette, and I want to spread the word. With Quillette Cetera I aim to reach new eyes and ears, showing them that there is room in the middle for rational debate and mutual respect, even if we don't agree on everything.

Where can you find Quillette Cetera?

The podcast is audio-visual. I encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel, which is where you'll find all nine episodes of the Quillette Cetera podcast, plus a backlog of all our best conversations on the Quillette Podcast (hosted by Jon Kay).

Episode 1

Episode 7

If you prefer to listen to the podcast, you can find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

If you have any feedback or questions about the podcast, please email me.

Thanks for your support.

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