1. I’ve listened to Quillette podcasts before, and found them instructive, but I don’t need to listen to this war criminal. The last time Frum was involved in ‘restoring democracy’, it was in Iraq.

  2. David Frum is still alive? I did not know that.

  3. What on Earth is this doing on Quillette! What the hell? David Frum is a neocon and a warmonger.

    Frum persistently argued that it was better to have his fellow warmonger Hillary Clinton in the White House than Trump, who hasn’t started a single war. In fact, Trump tried to end the wars in Afghanistan and Syria, only to be overruled by the unelected US government.

    He’s in the same basket of deplorables as all the other neocons who supported many of these disasters-including Max Boot, John Bolton, and Hillary herself. How did Frum get on this IDW platform? Bribery? Threats? It wasn’t the fact that he’s being suppressed and needs a free speech outlet, that’s for sure.

  4. I saw George F. Will being interviewed on MSNBC last week. I thought I was travelling back in time to the Iraq War days.

  5. I agree that David Frum was wrong about the Iraq War, but the same criticism could be leveled at the majority of people involved in the American political system in 2003. Should they all be permanently canceled? FWIW, Frum has acknowledged that he was wrong and has warned the U.S. about making an even worse mistake by attacking Iran.

    I think that Frum is a incisive thinker who’s well worth listening to. Unlike many Republicans, he’s remained committed to conservative principles instead of capitulating to the personality cult of Trump.

  6. Don’t you mean neo-con values of American adventures abroad? Tax cuts? Privatizing social security?

  7. Unfortunately, rumours of his death have been exaggerated

  8. “I agree that David Frum was wrong about the Iraq War”

    I agree that Mussolini was wrong about Greece. The difference between he and Frum is that Mussolini paid for his mistake.

  9. This seems unfair. According to surveys, over 80% of Americans supported the war when it began – including almost everyone in Congress on both sides of the aisle.

  10. No, but a significant number of them should be up before the court at the Hague on trial for waging a war of aggression, and a few of them for war crimes and crimes against humanity. They can then exercise their right to free speech by writing books from their prison cell, which of course they will not be allowed to receive a cent from.

  11. I have always considered people like frum to be liberals who really love war and open borders. This is the so-called “true conservative” the media is now pining for.

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