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Listen to Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man: A Profile of Boris Johnson by Toby Young

Toby Young reads Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man, his profile of Boris Johnson, Britain’s new Prime Minister. The piece was published in Quillette on 23rd July.


  1. Johnson may not be Britain Trump but there are certain similarities, and above all:



    Their horoscopes must be very close, and their birthdays’ dates consist of almost identical numbers! This is the first indication that the birthday-number effect that may drive them towards similar decisions, especially as both are ego maniacs and especially when shopping …. Yes, I am joking. Just to get the discussion started. :slight_smile:

  2. Don’t discount the similarity in their haircuts. BoJo must be the British Trump.

  3. “A cross between Hugh Grant and a Silverback gorilla”!?


    I disagree, the man is nothing like Trump. He attended Eton and Oxford and appears to use the word “tremendous” sparingly, if at all, and I realize that I may be scraping the bottom of the barrel with this last comment; regardless, at least he’s eloquent.

    Poor Hugh Grant, and the gorilla.

  4. Is Johnson Eloquent?

    He is enthusiastic and has an evocative and memorable turn of phrase but he also seems strangely incoherent and rambling so that you often wonder later what he said. It is delierate and clever or indicative of some sort of cognitive weakness?

    He is certainly nowhere near as inarticulate an incoherent as trump, he does not have his petulant tone, nor does he seem to suffer from Trump’s narcissism.

  5. I enjoyed this podcast, but not as much as I am going to enjoy when Brexit finally happens and all of the dire predictions don’t happen. The elite proven to be un-elite again.

  6. A bit off topic, but since you bring it up.

    My lower teeth are rather crooked. It’s bothered me for years.

    So fix your tweet, it’s “insecurity”.

    My teeth lack eloquance.

    Back to your eloquant little life now.

  7. So much for civil discourse, and reading comprehension.

  8. Ah, ha. But you’re the one who got personally insulting with your replies. Why personally attack someone who is voicing their opinion?

    I didn’t think YouTube trolling was allowed here?

  9. That’s not an attack on Trump’s education, it’s literally a comparison of background. Nothing more.

    Is it not a good think that Trump and Boris are nothing alike? That’s what I was doing there. It’s not a judgment, merely a matter of fact that they are different and shouldn’t be compared to one another.

    False equivalencies are exhausting - that is what I was addressing.

  10. “I disagree, the man is nothing like Trump. He attended Eton and Oxford…”

  11. They are well educated too, and professors; obviously, not every well educated person is rotten, nor is ever old establishment.

    I choose to not look at people with regards to their group affiliation. Too often I have been proven wrong with ample egg on my face when I make assumptions about people’s character.

    I have nothing against the so-called “uneducated,” nor do I have anything against the intelligentsia of Eton or Oxford. To condemn such institutions because of a perceived class is as dangerous as others judging your quality based off of yours.

    Anyone could attend those institutions, provided that they could pay tuition or had the grades. Yes, there is still pedigree and no, I don’t feel that is any more fair than a diversity initiative.

    You’re entitled to your opinion - I’m not making and judgments one way or another.

    I’ve been studying extensively the politics of 18th century France, on my own. The class and social structure are eerily similar to the situation that we find ourselves in today and I haven’t enjoyed reading about the bloodbath which followed.

  12. Eton isn’t a university.
    Mistakes like that, as well as your incoherent attacks on Belle 313, give your posts a distinctive whiff of crankishness. This a shame, because there is some good stuff buried amongst the spittle-flecked paranoic waffle.
    The first thing you need to realise is that the elite is not homogeneous, fungible group, but contains people of all political and ideological stripes.The intelligentsia is the same.
    And before you cast me as the enemy, remember that I am a fan of the Donald and Boris. We do not do either of them any good by pretending that somehow they are not elite people who are going about ensuring that the lefties are cast out of the elite.

  13. Ignore him - he’s not addjng anything of value only annoying those of us interested in reading thoughtful comments on the topic not personal attacks to the commenter. Sadly there is one in every crowd, even the Quillette crowd.

  14. The poor chap doesn’t know much about British culture.
    He seems to think that universities and school are the same thing and that going to Eton is somehow a sign of being on the left. The fact that all the biggest selling newspapers and political mags in Britain are right wing, and support Brexit, seems to be lost on him.

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  1. Mike Michaels says

    It is “Cometh the Hour”, not “Listen to Cometh the House”.

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