NARRATED: Divorce and the ‘Silver Bullet’ by James C. Coren

Greg Ellis reads Divorce and the ‘Silver Bullet, James C. Coren’s essay about the lies that couples tell when their marriages end in order to obtain custody of their children. It was published in Quillette on 16th April 2019.

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  1. eddy canuck says

    I find Greg Ellis over doing the “voice act”. Just read the article and less accent please – as a Canadian I didn’t understand who you were talking about with “Hurt/Deb” instead of “Heard/Depp”

    • I disagree. I think he’s great. I understood everything very clearly. Not sure what you mean by ‘voice act.’ He is a voice actor after all and I think he speaks very eloquently.

      There’s so much emotion is this one. The article is a heartbreaker and so different from other Narrated articles.

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