Quillette Podcast 39 – Coleman Hughes on His Reparations Testimony

Jonathan Kay talks to Coleman Hughes about what it was like testifying to Congress about reparations and the reaction his testimony has received. Coleman wrote an article for Quillette about why he’s opposed to reparations in March of this year.


    • @Tracy Holton

      Have you looked at his photo? To the extent that the category ‘black’ means anything at all it is essentially based on appearance and he clearly falls well within the range commonly described in this way.The idea someone is not Black because they are Puerto Rican is bizarre.

      I think having ‘black’ as a core part of your identity is a ]s dangerous and broken as having ‘white’ as a core part of your identiy but that is totally different matter and I don’t think he does.

      • Race makes up a part of your identity because America was founded on it. You live with the history of your race regardless rather your Black or White.

        • Johnathon Wraie Moore says

          I beg to differ fore America wasn’t founded on any identity matters. Those preceding the 1776 revolution, as well as those present at Liberty Hall, had but one thing, the central one, in mind, FREEDOM, pure and simple. Standing up to Tyrannical Rule that had dominated for centuries . The thought of race when injected into the conversation, imho, demonstrates an honest, though woefully deceived and mislead, opinion derived upon from the Cultural Marxist, who in an attempt to breed discontent among the masses covertly operate even today. An enduring battle to regain the Controls they lost when Americans stood up and said No More. Also, what happened in 2016 does in fact PROVE the enduring nature of those Tyrannical powers still exist and that they are extremely perturbed at the major loss , and losses, they endured on Nov. 8, 2016 which continue. This can be seen even abroad as those in England said No More yet the voice of the people is ignored proving more that our Constitution Must remain intact as it has proven a most enlightened Ideal for nearly 250 years.

    • Alex Posch says

      I believe the actual quote is that he stopped identifying as “half Black, half Puerto Rican”, mostly because it took too much effort to explain.

      “Take me for example. I was born three decades after Jim Crow ended into a privileged household in the suburbs. I attend an Ivy League school. Yet I’m also descended from slaves who worked on Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello plantation. ” -Coleman Hughes

      Seems he is also descended from slaves owned by an American President at the founding of this country. Who the hell are you to deny his “Blackness”?

  1. John Davies says

    Tracy, I’m probably just a bit too thick for this so please could you give me a sign, say an asterix or something, to let me and other thickies know that you’re just a parody. That way I know if I should lose my mind over your comments or just knowingly smile at an excellent piss-take. Thanks in advance

    • Tulante Oxo says

      I think linking to Tariq Nasheed was probably the giveaway that he’s trolling, no normal person would take that guy seriously. ?

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