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The Life of a Transgender Prisoner

Last month’s school shooting in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, claimed the life of an innocent child. Eight more were injured. In the way that this crime affects the victims and their families, the tragedy is similar to many previous incidents. But it also uniquely highlights a criminal justice challenge that has been the subject of debate: what to do with transgender criminals?

In the UK, where prisoners are classified primarily according to a policy of “self-identification,” recent controversy has focused on Karen White, a violent transgender woman who was moved to a male facility in 2018 after being accused of sexually assaulting multiple female prisoners. In the United States, where prisoners generally are classified according to their biological sex, the issue has been less prominent. However, that may soon change.

One of the two suspected shooters in Colorado is listed in court records as Maya McKinney, a 16-year-old female. However, the suspect now identifies as “Alec,” and has asked that male pronouns be used in all official proceedings—even though Alec is being housed in a female detention center. Social justice activists are demanding that neither the media nor the court “deadname” Alec by referring to the defendant’s legal and biological identity. The case, and others like it, may eventually push the United States to allow more trans prisoners to be housed in prisons that accord with their gender identity.

However, as someone who spent many years in several different U.S. prisons (I am writing under an assumed name), I can attest that, notwithstanding our society’s newfound respect for trans rights, the prison system is very much not built for gender fluidity. Even if Alec elected to go to a male prison following a conviction, granting that request would require all precedent to be overturned, if only for reasons of safety. His female anatomy would make him a rape target. Releasing a vagina of any variety into a land of deprived and often depraved men isn’t something any humane or reasonable warden would allow.

What’s life like for imprisoned transgender convicts? In the case of men who identify as women who are incarcerated in men’s prisons, they are more likely to be put in solitary confinement than the average prisoner. One might assume that this is a step taken to protect them from bigoted prisoners and redneck guards. But this was not my experience (though bigotry and violence are, of course, a real fact of life for everyone in prison). Many trans prisoners I met had some connection to the sex trade before (and during) their incarceration, and sometimes were scarred by the trauma and medical conditions associated with that life. Insofar as their treatment by other prisoners goes, however, transgender prisoners typically live fairly well. They have a monopoly on the rarest thing inside prison: something resembling heterosexual sex.

I met about a dozen men living as women during my 10 years upstate. There was at least one in each of the various prisons I passed through. No one called these people “transgender.” They were called “shemales” by their admirers, the usual homophobic slurs by their detractors, and “lizards” by old-timers. (I’ve been out of jail for five years. Maybe by now younger prisoners have the lingo right.) The ones I knew best were Juwanna, who was a foot taller than me and braided my ponytail; and Kitty; known for taking drugs on credit, and then signing in to protective custody when it was time to pay (in kind).

Transgender convicts receive treatment from other prisoners that correlates to how attractive they are. Kitty had a mane of blond hair, blue eyes, lips reddened with kool-aid and a tight uniform. When she made her entrance into the kitchen holding the frail hand of a certain 80-year-old Mr. Katz, she announced, “It’s us, Kitty-Katz!” This got an ovation. “Jennifer Lopez,” as she called herself, was the star of another facility and known as the girlfriend of the head of a statewide gang. However, not everyone was as lucky: No one wanted to sit next to poor “Grandma” in one joint, her odd and dowdy appearance being the subject of mockery. Meanwhile the same men who called her a “fag” made sure Gigi—another trans prisoner in the same institution—had free drugs, sneakers and food. She was 22, pretty and on female hormones. Gigi had many fans, even though her ID card said Gilbert. Men fought for the right to comb her hair in the yard. Affairs were common, but transactional and generally loveless. Juwanna was known to flash her amazing silicone rack, but not for free. And yes, it was impressive.

The most open forms of discrimination I saw against transgender prisoners were typically committed by neophyte Muslims—recent converts who felt they had to follow the Koran literally. Usually, the older guys would tell them to “let the lizards be.” Fighting a transgender convict was a guaranteed loss. If you won, you just bullied a “tranny.” If you lost, well, you got beat up by a “tranny.” Since they’re the women of male penitentiary, it’s the moral equivalent of wife-beating.

The convicts with boobs had their own separate time in the showers and generally weren’t required to double bunk. The doctors followed the law when it came to their access to medications, these precedents having been set by judges long ago. The social dynamic in female prisons no doubt is different from what I am describing here. But as with trans women in male prisons, Alec will get the hormones to which he is legally entitled (though in some jurisdictions, you get such access only if you were taking the hormones at the time of your arrest).

In late 2018, trans woman Deon “Strawberry” Hampton was transferred to a female Illinois prison after she complained of sustained brutality from guards and other prisoners at a male facility. But getting such an accommodation is rare in the United States, and likely reflects the especially cruel treatment that Hampton received. In general, simply declaring that you are no longer a man does not allow you to move to a female prison. Since Gigi, Kitty and Juwanna all had their original swinging equipment, they did their time with men. From what I could tell, they had few complaints—even if other trans prisoners are treated shamefully. Gigi, in particular, told me that in prison she felt like the belle of the ball.

I wonder whether Alec, if convicted, would really want to spend time in a male prison—because regardless of what pronoun he uses, he would be shocked by the sheer maleness of life in a place full of horny men. When I worked at the library in one prison, I once had to beg a fellow called Dirty Tommy to stop selling hand jobs under the tables while I did my work. He was doing it so close to me that I felt practically involved, and he counted on me not snitching on him. (He nominally agreed to my request but was back hustling the next day.)

Though Alec likely will never see the inside of a male prison because he has a vagina, he should be warned tough butch lesbians run the yards of female prisons with the same ruthlessness as men. Guards who have worked in both kinds of prisons have told me that the ladies can be more vicious in some cases, using the same rough methods to gain status, drugs, money and sex. And it’s hard to say whether male hormone therapy will help Alec in that kind of arena—or make him more of a target.

In any case, if doing your life sentence as Maya when you prefer Alec is the worst consequence of jail life, he’ll be lucky—far luckier, certainly, than his alleged victims.


Henry Higgins is the pseudonym of a writer who served time in various American prisons.

Featured image: Illinois Department of Correction photo of Deon “Strawberry” Hampton, a transgender woman serving a 10-year sentence for burglary.


  1. I'm first says

    Good Lord – a wide open comments area.

  2. Peter Tucker says

    Great insightful article – written with honesty and a great sense of dry humour. Loved the “Dirty Tommy” story 🙂

    • Dave M says

      I agree on “dry sense of humor” but won’t call it great; it’s making me sympathize with progressives’ call for “sensitivity readers”. Without rereading it, I remember “Maya when you prefer Alec” and “had their original swinging equipment” as especially tasteless, and making a joke of things. Perhaps the writer doesn’t know any better, but that’s why there is a publisher.

      People transition because of gender dysphoria, not because it’s amusing to others. Can you imagine an article about how black people are treated in prison, filled with jokes about being black? Far from making a point, it would be a disgrace to the entire culture it’s published in.

      • Peter from Oz says

        Dave M
        I think you are letting your self righteous gland rule your head in this matter.
        Most trannies are not suffering from anything other than a wish to be anarcisistic pain in the arse.
        The whole idea that blacks to can’t be criticised at all is also bad idea. Everything and everyone should be laughed at as much as possible. Only in that way we will evr have a truly equal society.

        • Jonny Sclerotic says

          It’s not about self-righteousness, or evading criticism. It’s about manners. You can criticize people without resorting to banal juvenilia.

          • Peter from Oz says


            PC is what fascists call manners.

      • Stephanie says

        Dave, if such tame language is sufficient to offend you, it is you with the problem. This doesn’t even rise to the level of “jokes.” Perhaps you’re better off at HuffPo?

        I’d like to see an article about black men in prison with some relevant humour thrown in. Maybe some “yo mama” jokes about the single motherhood that is the largest predictor of future criminality?

        Criminals are the last people we should be worried about offending.

        • Jeremy Ashford says

          Peter from Oz you are way off the mark. PC is no substitute for manners, and those who push PC should learn some manners, like, for example, letting others speak in public debate rather than shouting them down, or hitting them on the head with bicycle locks, or throwing various objects and liquids at them.
          The PC folk are the authoritarians, they are the fascists, they are rude, ignorant, and have no sense of humour. Every night on television we are subjected to exactly the same joke,”orange man bad” and it has worn very very thin.

          As for this essay, it sounds like some transsexuals probably have a better time in prison than most others. And in USA everyone has the same rights, not that the authorities do such a good job of protecting them.

      • Blackberry Blackberry says

        @Dave M. I couldn’t disagree more. The writer does a great job of creating characters. The colorful language doesn’t “harm” anyone. What a scene! I’ll read this version of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” as soon as it comes out — and I hope it does.

        And what a straw man — does the writer ever say, in any way, shape, or form, that people “transition because it’s amusing to others”? The black analogy doesn’t work either. But I bet Higgins could capture a black character, as well as the trans characters here.

        Hate to break it to you, but we’re all CHARACTERS. Being trans or black doesn’t absolve anyone.

      • ossicle88 says

        Dave M, you’re really too virtuous for this world. Shape your wokebeard into a beautiful solar wind sail and cast off toward a better galaxy!

      • Asenath Waite says

        @Dave M

        He’s speaking from the perspective of a former prisoner about the attitudes of prisoners towards transexual inmates. I found this to be interesting and would hate for it to have been watered-down for the purposes of sensitivity. Reality is not policed by sensitivity readers.

      • Monte Martinez says

        Dave M,

        This whole sordid mess reminds of the story of the girl that went fishing with 7 guys. She came home with a big Red Snapper. How about that for “especially tasteless” ?

      • Kevin Herman says

        I found it humorous myself. But then I dont find so called transgender criminals worthy of much respect or really hardened criminals of any stripe.

      • artichoke says

        A dick is a dick. It swings. Alec has a vagina. A name change won’t change that. These are not jokes, just facts. There’s nothing wrong with saying such things. Surely even people with gender dysphoria know them. If they don’t know them, someone ought to tell them to help them clear their minds and strengthen their grasp on reality.

    • Miss Yellowbird says

      I agree. This is a really well-written piece, and it’s an interesting, very different perspective on trans prisoners from someone who lived in that harsh environment. We usually get articles from trans-activists and major outlets about this topic that gloss over the realities of prison and toss out nuance and truth in favor of convenient narratives. The author does such a great job painting a vivid picture of prison life in this essay that they ought to consider expanding it into a book.

  3. Sydney says

    Transpeoplekind (inside joke for Canuck readers) have far greater rights here in Canada than they have south of the border. I suspect that crime and what passes for punishment are cakewalks for transcriminals here.

    You can be natal-male or natal-female convicted of rape and murder of children in Canada and have an excellent chance of never seeing the inside of a jail cell. And even if you do, it won’t be for very long. No matter what your claimed gender, you could claim status as an aboriginal two-spirit being (not a joke) and probably get a free pass straight to a healing lodge (again, not a joke).

    I doubt if transcriminals fare badly here at all.

  4. Mogden says

    I have a simple rule. If it has a penis, it goes into the “man” bucket. If it doesn’t, it can either be “woman” or “eunuch”.

      • Mogden says

        You may choose to follow a different rule, though I would contend it is an illogical and unscientific one that does harm to society.

      • So it is generally correct. Say, 98% of the time? Seems like Mogden has an acceptable heuristic and isn’t “simply wrong” but “almost always correct.”

        The article you linked to was interesting. However, any article with that many scare quotes is pushing an agenda and can’t honestly be considered scientific. I’ve read a bunch of IDW commentary on transgender topics and, contrary to the article, I don’t remember seeing anyone assert that transgender people aren’t real.

        Here’s one that maybe the headline writer and author of your article should read:

        • Daniel Genis says

          You want to be taken seriously but you claim that the article included the claim that transgender people aren’t real. Can you cut and paste that? Or if it’s merely an implication you’re dismissing the piece for, can you identify where it was made?

          • Daniel Genis, if you’re responding to me….

            You got my claim backwards. Reread what I wrote. The article David of Kirkland linked to, in the next-to-last paragraph, in bold, states -> “While this is a small overview, the science is clear and conclusive: sex is not binary, transgender people are real.”

            The clear implication is that some people (IDW prominently kicks off the article) think transgender people are not real.

            I’m surprised you missed that. I mean the writer bolded it and everything. It seems to be the primary thrust of the entire piece.

        • artichoke says

          TG people are certainly real. If I run into one, there will be a collision. I cannot look through them. They’re real. I didn’t see that contradicted by anyone here. But it still doesn’t mean we have to speak of their self-selected “gender”, when the biological sex is what we want to talk about.

      • Stephanie says

        Male is defined as organism producing sperm, female as organism producing egg. Making things anymore complicated than that is pointless because virtually everyone, including the large majority of intersex people, if not all of them, fall into one category or the other.

        The fact that 1/1500 to 1/2000 babies are born intersex does not change that there are two sexes, just like 1/700 babies born with Down Sydnrome does not mean that 23 pairs isn’t the proper number of chromosomes. For there to be additional sexes it is not sufficient to point to birth defects, you would need additional sex chromosomes (on top of X and Y) and additional gonads (on top of eggs and sperm).

        Of course intersex has nothing to do with transgenderism, that’s just a bit of sophistry leftists use in their blog posts to throw some veneer of credibility onto their “born this way” argument. Like all mental illnesses, there will likely be a biochemical explanation that will come to light to explain the occurrence of gender dysphoria, but that will justify developing a treatment, not establishing a social and political identity.

        • Stephanie, exactly right.

          To expand on what I wrote above and incorporate your comments, Down Syndrome people are real people – nobody disagrees with that. But that doesn’t mean we build our society around people with Down Syndrome (or 12 fingers, or 1 arm, or any other variation in “human” including transgenderism). And it doesn’t mean that it is “simply wrong” to say humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes.

          • Daniel Genis says

            My apologies; I thought you were saying that ‘Henry Higgins’ wrote that transgender people aren’t real to support not granting them special treatment. In fact, it was a different article altogether being discussed. Sorry; I’m so used to having words put in my mouth… e.g. ‘illegal immigration should be stopped. – Oh, so you’re a racist planning to exterminate everyone who isn’t white?’. It happens every day and I jumped the gun.

      • Gordon the Gopher says

        Yes but how many people fall outside of the xx xy spectrum? 99.8% of the human race conforms to the male/female split, the people that don’t are extreme outliers. They have the right to exist and have the same rights as everyone. Literally nobody is disputing real trans people exist, people are just sick of the activist bs that is now going with it, being gaslighted that we’re all like this and have the ability to change gender at will, that it’s white idw or conservative men that are the enemy when the majority of the discrimination against trans people comes from hysterical feminists who want to make out that all trans women are sex offenders waiting for an opportunity.
        Cut out the abusive agenda bullshit from activists and the hate and arguing from all sides will fade away.

      • artichoke says

        Scientific American used to be a fine amateur science magazine back 50 years ago. Somewhere in the following 40 years they fell into the politically correct pit.

  5. somsai says

    When I get to feeling sorry for myself I’ll just think of this article.

  6. Morgan Foster says

    Given the nature of the offense, and on the assumption that Maya McKinney is convicted and sent to an adult prison, I don’t care what happens to her while she’s inside.

  7. johnhenry says

    “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?”

    Professor Henry Higgins (My Fair Lady)

      • Michael Groetzinger says

        By Jove I think I think she’s got it…or he’ll get it— Christ, I need a brandy.

    • Ernest DuBrul says

      That definitely beats the “Just you wait” that I was going to post. I second Mr. Genis’s “Bravo”.

  8. johnhenry says

    With a wash and set, Deon “Strawberry” Hampton, would be a dead ringer for Michelle “Mooo” Obama.

  9. Some-woman says

    I loved reading this article. It’s crass and funny but sheds light into a world I have no experience with.

    I also don’t care if they treat maya like an Alec or a maya, but one wonders if she could sue the state after meeting the fate that obviously awaits her in a male prison. I don’t think it will matter much if she has surgery to get a facimile penis either. I’m going to be crass here too, but sewing up your vagina and going to a male prison will just guarantee you only get raped in the hole that hurts more.

    And then angry Alec might just sue the state for all the mistreatment he faced in male prison because they had reasons to know better than to put him there. And really nearly everyone knows better than to put him there.

    • Andrew Scott says

      Why doesn’t every prisoner who gets sexually assaulted sue? Not to say that some offenders deserve and others don’t, but there are a lot of non-violent offenders in prison. They’re likely more vulnerable. They were sentenced to prison, not rape.

      This has been going on long enough for everyone to know about it. That amounts to acceptance and consent – from those within the system and those outside reading about it. Go to prison for a non-violent crime? You’ll get anally and orally raped, and that’s just normal. (Oh, and what if you were innocent? Sorry about the rape.)

      I love hearing all the jingoistic nonsense about how America is so different from other countries, how we follow the rule of law, etc. We rape and molest our criminals and normalize it. Some people even seem to approve of it, as if getting raped in the face or butthole is just part of the price you pay. We’re a bunch of God-forsaken animals.

      • @Andrew, this is one of the reasons I often doubt these stories of prison life being daily rape (either as perpetrator or victim) for almost all the prisoners. It may be true, but with the number of bored, do-gooder lawyers in the world today, it would greatly surprise me if prison rape was nearly as common as it’s made out to be.

      • Daniel Genis says

        Since the Left is so concerned with disparaties- why is the prison population of black and brown people so greatly over represented compared to their numbers in the community?- you should ask WHO gets raped. What if a specific minority of prisoners is vastly over represented amongst prison rape victims? What if the assaults are almost exclusively committed by a different demographic group, a minority in America but not inside? What deductions come then?

        • Michael Groetzinger says

          @Daniel Genis An impressive gauntlet you’ve laid down here…one that I doubt any Democratic blue bloods (sorry for the pun) would be willing to risk being entangled in.
          I am a “non-observant” Democrat who has yet to officially leave the party (partly because I truly believe they all have the same rotten core).
          I will venture a reply to your straightforward question; If I were a betting man, I would wager my last Zagnut bar that the minority inside are likely to be white/non-violent offenders (mostly drug offences), and very young, vulnerable…gullible=The Perfect Candidate to be groomed for sexual favors and, when the string plays out…rape.

      • Daniel Genis says

        Good question. The answer is because prisons work very hard to avoid such lawsuits. In order to even file one, the rape needs to be reported and treated. The perpetrator must be identified and charged, and the victim must testify in court, ensuring a conviction for the local DA. Then the victim can sue the state for failing to protect him. But it means everyone will know that he’d been raped AND everyone will know that he is a snitch at the highest of levels; testifying in court. The rest of his sentence he will be treated as a homosexual and a rat. The money takes years to get, 5-7, and isn’t much. Some states apply Son of Sam to make the money go to the victims in the rape victim’s original case. The state will fight dirty. They will insist it was a consensual relationship. Since this is against the rules, the rape victim will be put in solitary for years, as he is already guilty of having had homosexual contact with another inmate. This is all very wicked, but the alternative would be frivolous rape allegations from indigent and litigious prisoners. Slip and Fall already costs the state millions in settlements every year

  10. Stephanie says

    Entertaining article written from an interesting perspective. It seems logical that a MTF in a male prison would be the “belle of the ball” if they were halfway good looking, but I don’t imagine it is the same for FTM in female prisons. Would their male appearance be cause for joy among the butch lesbians, or would they be perceived as an affront or intrusion into a hierarchy of toughness that is only sustainable if there are no men present?

    Considering the association between gender dysphoria and other mental illnesses, and the association between mental illness and criminality, I’m sure in a few years we’ll be treated to all kinds of fascinating stories about the myriad experiences of trans people in prison.

    No matter what, I cannot be moved to sympathy over the lot of child killers in prison. May they receive their just desserts.

  11. Philip says

    When your mental image of yourself conflicts with the physical reality of what you are, which is wrong? The mental image or the physical reality?

    The real problem here is with a society which for ideological reasons puts personal view over reality. You can’t do that for long without consequences. Reality bites.

  12. Philip says

    When your mental image of yourself conflicts with your physical reality, which is wrong? The mental image or the reality?

    The real problem here is with a society which for ideological reasons preferences the person view over the physical reality. You can’t do that for long without there being consequences. Reality bites.

  13. Monte Martinez says

    Hmmm, This is the first time I have seen a picture of the Denver school shooter. The race and sexual identity of the shooter have been assiduously kept from the American public. Why do you suppose that is? This crime turns the entire American victim/ predator narrative upon its head.

      • Monte Martinez says

        Daniel Genis,

        I must respectfully disagree. I did a google search and the photos are unequivocal; However, Black and Trans are gold medalists in the oppression Olympics and thus could never commit a crime as heinous as a school shooting, heretofore the provenance of disgruntled white males. What I really hate is the effort to flush this crime down the memory hole diminishes the true heroism of Kendrick Castillo, an unarmed student who showed more courage than Scott Israel’s entire uniformed police force did in Parkland FL.

  14. Richard says

    I would be horrified if my biological daughter identifying as a transman wanted to be in a male prison. I really doubt my biological daughter would make such a choice. That is truly some very strong tenacious virtue signaling, the likes of which are truly incomprehensible.

    But that is how it is when you live in hell, no matter how bad your personal hell is, there is always, always more you could do to make one’s onw personal hell more hellish.

  15. Canada Dan says

    Should be required reading for every high-school junior who aspires to be “gender fluid.”

  16. Andy S says

    Great insight, nicely written. What a mixed-salad of a world.

    [@Philip – that made me think of anorexia…]

  17. Kevin Herman says

    We’ve already lost when prisoners in the United States get hormone treatments paid for by the tax payer. What a fucked up world we inhabit pardon my french.

    • Hormones are some of the cheapest medicines around. It is such an insignificant cost to to taxpayers, especially when you consider how few transpeople there are. Additionally, there is really limited reason/ability to abuse them. If it helps another citizen even slightly, I would say this is money well spent for the taxpayer. Not much beaurocracy needed either when we fully foot the bill for stuff.

      I work with military contractors that have blank checks. I’ve seen absolutely no pushback on increased prices or random price variability during the sales process (I work on a team that built a product they use.) They will pay for anything and make it rain without complaints, in stark contrast with corporate america which also has plenty of money but nickel and dimes and uses lawyers to negotiate to the point where it’s exhausting.

      I have never had issues with paying my taxes until I began having military corporations as customers. It’s horrifying how much money the gov’t hands them, and says “bring me back something cool.”

      So yeah, hormones that run a few cents a dose seem pretty insignificant to the real taxpayer fraud going on.

      I get to benefit at least since I sell to them; you just foot the bill. Still upset about the 70 trans people in jail getting hormones?

  18. David of Kirkland says

    Imagine if we created prisons that incarcerated without adding victimization by others. All crimes that people suffer while in prison on crimes by the state against the person, punishments beyond what the law dictates. Prisons should learn how to be actually secure facilities instead of allowing the prisoners to control the facilities.

    • Dee Gee says

      So you’d segregate the populations into those with a history of victimizing other prisoners and those who just want to do their time peacefully? Sounds fair. Been tried. The result is inevitably segregation of the other kind, with outliers in both groups. Since the low threat group is easy to deal with, they get things like TVs, DVD players, etc. Now the behavior-segregated group has a legitimate grievance of unequal treatment. Even though that is the case and it is a result of personal choices, the optics are bad. Most jails just have an honor block, and since the optics of those are bad too, they are on the chopping black I believe.

    • Morgan Foster says

      @David of Kirkland

      Seriously – and when I say “seriously” I mean that I’m really being serious about this – seek out and interview a senior prison administrator. One who is deeply knowledgeable about the costs and logistics of running a state-wide prison system and the political realities of legislative budgets.

      I think you’ll find your answers.

  19. Fran says


    ‘Secure facilities’ means 24/7 observation. In the days before technology, you could take a war time Japanese prison camp. I recall an old Antiques Roadshow in which a booklet written by a prisoner was displayed. To get the paper, he traded cigarettes for the envelopes of letters from home. In order to write, the only time they were not working in the evenings, other prisoners set up watch so he did not get punished and his work confiscated.

    That is the sort of security you need unless every prisoner is in solitary. It would require the cameras to record behaviour under the table as well as above. If you allow any interpersonal contact, people will be people.

  20. Fran says

    PS — I feel sorry for the poor SJW up above who finds the language offensive. I hope he gets someone to screen his reading material to avoid the pain and distress caused by this rather good little essay. Never been there, but it sounds authentic.

  21. Thomas S Barnidge says

    In the course of my job I interviewed a rather effeminate ex convict. He had served a long term at Corcharan State prison. He said that he did get raped more than once while in prison, but what was almost as worse was the fear of getting raped. Walking to the dining room, standing in the prison yard, going to the kitchen storeroom, he was always in danger of being raped. While prison is dangerous to most all convicts, he was in danger not because of something he did, but simply for being who he was.

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  23. bill53 says

    First there is no such thing as “trans” anything when describing a human being. Second these folks are mentally ill, I call them sociopaths. Some say that is harsh, but considering some of the QUILTBAG2’s I have met I believe they are all sociopaths. This includes the root of all of this nonsense, homosexuality. Society needs to learn how to say NO again to these people. These folks have always been marginalized for good reason. The newest mantra of progressives and homosexuals is “love has no age” to try and normalize sex with minors. Mayor Pete’s husband found no problem with that statement. You can’t make this stuff up….

    • Asenath Waite says


      Links to the “love has no age” thing? Have not heard about this.

  24. R Henry says

    There is no such thing as a “transgender” person. There is only a male or female seeking to deceive him/herself and others.

    We are conceived male or female. The condition is permanent, unchangeable. Nothing in our culture or science will ever change this reality.

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