Quillette Podcast 36 – Gay Icon Sky Gilbert on Being Excommunicated by the LGBT Theater Company he Founded

Jonathan Kay talks to Sky Gilbert, gay playwright and drag queen, about the history of Canada’s gay community and being excommunicated by the LGBT theater company he founded. Sky Gilbert wrote about this ordeal recently in Quillette.


  1. Philip says

    Excommunication is an appropriate term for what we have here is an offence against a new religion. It comes complete with its new set of commandments, new demand for complete orthodoxy, it’s own priesthood, its own heresy hunters, and it’s very own inquisition. If these people had any more power they wouldn’t hesitate to use the rack and they would burn hectics if they could. To acquiesce to this PC world is to descend back into the dark ages.

    • mark kavanagh says

      Yes, but the Christian Right is rising and will mirror it with its arrogance and self-righteousness when it attempts to bring it down.

  2. mark kavanagh says

    Excellent interview. Sad to think there is now such a generation gap in the Gay community, it was where we went for Bohemian living back in the day, now the PC androids have over-run it.

    That young lady sounded so soulless and power-driven, a pattern has been implanted into her young mind and she and all those like her will force the world to fit it and wreck it as they do.

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