Quillette Podcast 24 – Rob Montz talks about his YouTube videos documenting the free speech crisis

Jonathan Kay talks to Rob Montz, the Washington, D.C.-based documentarian who has made a series of slick, entertaining videos about the free speech crisis engulfing America’s universities. You can see some of Rob’s videos, with some additional commentary from Jon, here.


  1. OLd NiK says

    It’s ironic that Mr Kay mentioned low quality podcasts and videos that “could be made in ones basement” while doing a terrible job of recording his own voice! Radio broadcasts have been around for a while and there are lots of helpful videos and web-pages that tell you how to set up a mic so you don’t get annoying ‘pops’ etc. It helps if you’re monitoring what you’re saying with headphones. A good mic and pop filter would work wonders too. These are not expensive and it would aid in making your broadcast listenable.

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