Quillette Podcast 23 – Catholic journalist Caroline Farrow talks about being investigated by the British police for misgendering a transwoman

Toby Young talks to Caroline Farrow, a Catholic journalist who recently found herself under investigation by the police for misgendering a transwoman. Caroline’s ordeal began six months ago when she appeared on a TV show called Good Morning Britain to debate Susie Green, a trans activist. That led to a chain of events that saw Caroline being investigated by the British police for misgendering Susie’s daughter Jackie, who was born male and underwent sexual reassignment surgery in Thailand at the age of 16.


  1. Mr. D.J. Simmons says

    An interesting and concise interview. Well done to you both. Caroline, keep your chin up, you are right in everything you say and remember there are more good people than bad people in the world.

  2. Honestly this is one of the scariest trends I can see in the world today. Hope to God the US isn’t headed this way… really worried about the next president. If they, the government, the media, and big tech are all on the same side then… I fear for free speech.

  3. Rather irknic that the police investigated someone for using the wrong pronoun but not the person who took the child out of the country because doctors would not be willing to mutilate a child who can not consent to a country where they do not have such restrictions. There is at least a case that the boy has been severely injured as a result of her actions and she should be prosecuted.

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