Quillette Podcast 13 – Bill Kristol on the future of journalism, conservative politics and life after the Weekly Standard

Canadian editor Jonathan Kay talks to Bill Kristol, founder of the Weekly Standard, on the future of journalism, conservative politics and the stars who emerged from his magazine’s pages, including David Brooks, John Podhoretz and Christopher Caldwell.


  1. Kristol is a traitor to conservatism. The Weekly Standard folding should be a signal to him that his brand of cocktail party “lose graciously, but always lose” conservatism is no longer wanted.

  2. Laura Thuijls says

    I had recently read that bill kristol is considering a 2020 run at the presidency. Has anyone told him that to win, people have to vote for you. Because I can’t see bill kristol having anything that resembles an enthusiastic voter base.

  3. James Lee says

    First Max Boot, now Bill Kristol?

    There are actual conservatives out there who don’t worship da “Free Market” nor the military-industrial-intelligence complex.

    There are conservatives out there who don’t bow down to Monopoly and Oligopoly corporate power.

    How about getting Rod Dreher or Patrick Deneen?

  4. Bill Kristol is a good man whose own views and ideas have much merit, and who has, through his publication and podcast, brought us a treasure trove of interesting, thought provoking minds. I thank him and I wish him Godspeed in whatever he next pursues.

  5. WIlliam Kristol: no – call him BIll to make him sound less threatening was not only the founder of Weekly Standard but also was the co-founder of the Globalist Project for the New American Century. He is directly responsible along with Kagan, Rumsfeld and all of those signatories for all the wars in the Middle East from at least 2003 to date. Amazing that you give him or any if his imperialist ilk any kind of platform.

  6. Don Lovell says

    For Quillette to consider Bill Kristol equal to any of the other fine authors / thinkers that normally grace the Quillette web site is shocking.

  7. Hmmm…Not a good sign, Q’ette.

    Beware the neocons.

    They are masters of infiltration.

    They, and their beliefs, views, ideas and actions have nothing to do with American conservatism.

    Q’ette started out so well.

    But neocons find and destroy anything that is a threat to their domination of actual American conservatism.

    Please re-consider respectful hearing of any neocon. They have plenty of (failed) media platforms of their own.


  8. KevDevNev says

    Billy Kristol is to short to be President . . . Both physically and mentally. He can’t replace his past by being on CNN as a commentator.
    He’s smart but not smart enough.

  9. Robert Moore says

    Kristol, in his own self estimation as an “intellectual’, had become bogged down in 5,000+ word essays in a society that Tweets 140 characters and has a short attention span. Today, if you cannot get your ideas across, even if only to pique people’s interest, in a bit over 1000 words then you are doomed to irrelevancy. Even his speech has begun to sound pedantic and boring.

    In a way this is a reflection of society itself, too busy to stop and think, and averse to contemplation on ANY matter. We, in short, are doomed to the coming of a future Caesar Augustus and the death of the Republic.

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