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To Honor Murder Victims, Stop Fixating on the Race of Their Killers 

On December 30, a 7-year-old Houston girl named Jazmine Barnes was killed in a drive-by shooting. Witnesses to the crime, including family members, pointed out that a white man in a pick-up truck had fled the scene. This became the profile authorities used to pursue the shooter.

Witness testimony often is unreliable, but it is perfectly valid for such accounts to serve as the basis for a police search. The tip soon took on a life of its own, however, when a plethora of liberal celebrities and activists jumped to the conclusion that Barnes, an African American girl, had been murdered by a white man consumed by racism.

The story soon was being treated as a “national story about race and violence.” A lawyer for the victim’s family stated that there could be no rationale for the killing “other than hate.” The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights definitively claimed that Barnes had been killed when “a white gunman fired into her mother’s care.” It used the hashtag #SayHerName, a throwback to a Black Lives Matter slogan that drew attention to the unjustified killing of African Americans by police. Bernice King, one of Martin Luther King’s surviving daughters, tweeted that justice in this case would mean “interrogating, challenging and transforming the climate and culture which created the murderer.”

Activist Shaun King, who rose to prominence alongside Black Lives Matter, offered a reward of $100,000 for the apprehension of the killer. King began asking questions on social media about possible suspect Robert Cantrell, a white man who recently had been arrested for purse snatching.

But by January 5, that narrative collapsed when police arrested an African American man who admitted he had been involved in the shooting as a getaway driver. Police now believe the girl’s death to have been the result of “mistaken identity”: She was the victim of criminals targeting someone else.

To his credit, King later clarified that the white man seen leaving the scene likely was just scared and fleeing for his life. (In fact, the tip the police received that led to the arrest came from someone who originally had contacted King; he had passed the information along to authorities.) As for Cantrell, his family has been deluged by violent threats from those who believed he is a racist murderer.

The rush to judgment of the white suspect, and the quick assumption that the killing was racially motivated, is a common practice among social-media partisans. When a man with a history of mental illness killed African American teenager Nia Wilson in Oakland last year, celebrity Anne Hathaway intoned that Wilson was “a black woman and she was murdered in cold blood by a white man.” She warned that “ALL black people fear for their lives DAILY in America…Given those givens, we must ask our (white) selves—how ‘decent’ are we really?”

But police found no evidence that Wilson’s murderer was racially motivated. In fact, racially motivated murders are extremely rare in the United States. According to FBI data contained in the 2017 Uniform Crime Report, there were a total of 15 victims of murder and non-negligent manslaughter in that year, a figure corresponding to less than 0.1% of all homicides.

In the Fall, social-media activists spread the theory that Danye Jones, the son of a prominent Ferguson, Mo. protester, had been lynched. Indeed, Jones had been found hanging from a bedsheet tied to a tree—a sight with horrifying overtones for anyone who knows American history. Avalon Fenster, the Northeast Regional director of the March for Our Lives, authored an October tweet claiming this to be evidence of a lynching. As of this writing, it has received 271,000 likes and 176,000 Retweets.

But as the Associated Press and other news outlets later noted, medical examiners concluded that Jones’s death was a suicide. To her credit, Fenster later posted a tweet updating her audience with this new information—yet that update received far less attention. (Fenster says that “we need to focus on the stigma around depression in men & black communities, & the stigma around homosexuality.” That is true. But we have no idea why Jones committed suicide. And the suicide rate is far higher among Native Americans and whites than it is among African Americans.)

Isolated tragedies such as drive-by homicides or a man’s suicide are not what motivate culture-war partisans. Nor are activists establishing six-figure rewards to help catch the killers of the hundreds of African American men who were murdered in Baltimore, Chicago and other large cities last year. Most of these victims were murdered by other African American men, largely thanks to systemic problems in these cities that can be traced, in part, to segregation and the drug trade.

The specter of “black on black” violence sometimes has been used a pretext to advance offensive, racist and unscientific claims about African Americans. But the question remains why the extremely high homicide rates in these cities rarely get the attention of racial-justice advocates. The clearance rates for homicides in these neighborhoods is abysmal. In some cases, less than half of homicide cases result in arrests. Six-figure reward offers could go some way to helping with that.

In early 2017, I filed an in-depth reported piece at The Intercept on the homicide wave in West Baltimore and the effort by local NGOs and activists to promote peace. Unlike much of my reporting for that outlet, which fit neatly into the narratives of left-wing activists, this one didn’t get much traction—because the subject matter doesn’t arouse the left’s usual political reflexes, especially in the social-media sphere. In my experience, social-media-driven activists have been driven more to hate villains than to love and honor their victims. And the most hated villain is white supremacy.

The identical phenomenon plays out on the right, for we see the same focus on villains over victims in the manner by which Fox News will focus on isolated acts of violence by undocumented immigrants. These killings are of course tragic, and do raise questions about how law enforcement monitors criminals. But they are extremely rare.

Research has consistently shown that immigrants to the United States—including those who enter the country illegally—are less likely to engage in homicide than native-born Americans. Yet when someone who comes into the country without papers does kill someone, the news spreads like wildfire across right-wing social media, and is cited as evidence that illegal immigrants are a menace (and need to be kept out with a giant wall). Just as the left ignores massive homicide stats within predominantly black communities, the right glosses over the fact that the opioid crisis and suicide-by-handgun both kill hundreds of times more Trump voters than have illegal immigrants.

Coming from a background in the Pakistani-American community, I am reminded of the sectarian ideologies that hold powerful sway on the Indian subcontinent. Chauvinistic leaders there often invoke crimes by some out-group in the name of welfare for their in-group. Hindu nationalists are quick to point to terrorist attacks by Islamists, and Pakistani hardliners are quick to champion the cause of Kashmir, where the Indian military is suppressing an independence movement. In both cases, hardliners are less likely to talk about how their own policies and ideologies are harming their own people. That is a common theme when you see demagogues focusing on villains over victims.

The circuitry of our brains makes it easy for politicians and activists to win attention and loyalty by emphasizing simplistic us-versus-them dichotomies. To escape from this form of thinking, we need to privilege individuation over essentialism—treating individuals as individuals rather than as archetypes within some larger (and typically imaginary) struggle among homogenous groups.

The news media should resist the urge to boost the claim that a crime was racially motivated—unless there is proof that it was. Even if Barnes’s murderer had been white, there was no reason to assume that the killing was the result of racism, since (as with the death of Nia Wilson), such a crime would seem to be the act of a madman. Even if racial animus had been at play, reporters and activists could have put the killing in statistical context, rather than encourage both whites and blacks to believe in the myth that American streets are a daily battleground in an undeclared race war.

That war exists in the imagination of Fox News hosts and social-justice Twitter partisans. But it does not exist in real life, and we have a duty to say so. Demonizing our perceived enemies may be a psychologically comforting strategy to deal with anxieties over random violence. But it does nothing to honor the victims of such violence, nor comfort their grieving loved ones.


Zaid Jilani, a journalist, is currently on fellowship, studying political and social polarization at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. Follow him on Twitter @ZaidJilani


  1. Regardless of the issue, the rush to judgment of anyone has yet to be helpful.

    If there was ever an even you didn’t want to point and laugh at the other side for having egg on their face, it’s this one, considering the context of the death of a little girl.

    While some *might* be correct in pointing out black-on-black violence, reverse racism, pitchfork mentality, in this scenario, to quote the dude, “You’re not wrong Walter. You’re just an asshole.”


    • Phytoplantron says

      That’s right. So if you want to opine about Shaun and his cancerous racism, then you are a bad person—an asshole. So you better not. Or else . . . “asshole.”

      • Angela says

        Did Shaun ever take a DNA test to prove he’s part black? I stopped following that storyline awhile ago.

        • Bill Conlon says

          “Research has consistently shown that immigrants to the United States—including those who enter the country illegally—are less likely to engage in homicide than native-born Americans.”
          First I am not so sure about this statistic, so I reject it. Second you completely miss the point, if an illegal alien isn’t in the United States to begin with. That particular murder would have never occurred. Even one is one too many……..

          • Stephanie says

            @David, we do demand that criminals with other citizenships be deported. If it’s at all possible, it should be done. The fact we’re stuck with people we can’t deport does not diminish the fact that when an illegal commits a crime, that is a crime that would not have occured had we prevented that illegal’s entry.

            Besides, there’s little use in deporting someone who can just walk right back over the border again. Law enforcement is asked to play wack-a-mole at that point.

          • Native jo says

            You are right to reject it. The census report says a different story. People who don’t think Id theft is so bad need to go thru it. The illegals in the us are costing a fortune, they are committing tax fraud to the tune of billions every year. (Child care credit) illegals are collecting benefits, they participate in an underground economy where they don’t have to deal with the regulations or have to worry about silly laws that are meant to protect the consumer and employees like legit businesses. Talk about privilege. They are a negative to economy, they cost a fortune. It goes on for generations in many cases. Look at the Hispanic household welfare usage in comparison to others. There is a huge problem with food stamp fraud from Muslim owned businesses, there is a huge problem with fraud from child care providers from certain people of foreign descent. Home health care, and Medicare fraud from doctors and patients too. Pretending the immigrants coming today compared and the ones from 50 yrs ago are the same is stupid. Immigrants actually now expect to be taking advantage of of government benefits. They expect they will be accommodated for their religion, and cultural practices no matter if they are unconstitutional and illegal. (Fgm, child marriage, bigomy or rape). Immigrants in the past never had the entitled attitude of today. They came, they understood they had a responsibility to their adopted country. It’s insulting to hear immigrants today talk how immigrants built this country as though they did it themselves. Then they still have the nerve to act ungrateful and call the citizens who have no say on whether they want to pay for all this shit, or see their country change for the worse and their rights erode to accommodate the feelings of these people and then get called racist for their trouble. Some immigrants are better than others. They work, learn English, assimilate, and do their part. But many from certain countries do nothing but take take take, bitch, accuse, sue, demand and impose their nonsense on the rest of us. So if you want to ignore the fact that certain cultures do certain weird things then why not have the same attitude for all crimes? Why do we constantly hear about the racist white person who told the black guys to leave a restaurant if they aren’t paying customers? Or the Christian homophobic Baker who must be destroyed, or the white supremacists who shot an innocent little black girl in Houston, the drunk trump supporters who attacked a Muslim girl on the train, called her name’s, ripped off her hijab and none of the other racist amerAmeri came to help? What about the racist cops who were accused of raping a black woman and the two other black drivers who literally cried on Facebook about being profiled and terrorized? All these had a narrative that pointed out race and they were all hoaxes meant to demonize white people. Get real, stop pandering, stop coddling murderers. It’s not our fault that honor killings in Muslim countries is acceptable, it’s their fault they won’t change. Only an idiot pretends that beheadings are normal Western behavior, honor killings is normal for all cultures because it’s not. Muslims honor kill, Muslims do fgm, Muslims come from rape culture, Muslims behead people more than others, Muslims are bringing acid attacks to the west, I’m sorry, but for the most part it’s true. The problem isn’t reporting the race of the honor killer, the problem is importing people who don’t give a fuck if it’s illegal to mutilate your little girl in the west, it’s their culture and they will do it anyway. So please stop acting like all cultures are equally good or equally bad. We have rules for reasons, we don’t marry our cousins because of defects, but the Pakistanis in England won’t stop and are the biggest number to have birth defects. Wanna hear something gross? Ok, in Ethiopia, they eat raw meat, it causes worms in the body in particular, the vagina. Look it up, if you dare. In Somalia, rape isn’t against the law, so where ever they go, rape stats go up. Ask yourself this, is it more important to protect the sensitivity of people or is it more important to protect the people? Do you think that by protecting the criminals by not being honest about relevent information makes race relations better? No, if you don’t, then when the truth comes out, it causes resentment. Here’s a grand idea, tell Muslims that it’s their job to end the practice. In Europe, migrants are raping, and violently attacking citizens everyday, the government has made it illegal to complain about it, the media and government hides info, and the citizens are considered the bigger problem. In Maine they voted down a ban on fgm because they said it’s only meant to pick on one group. This is sickening. Because Muslim men attacked so many women in Sweden music festivals they banned all men. Why should innocent people be treated just like the guilty? It’s bad enough that the tsa gropes everyone because certain people hijack planes or bring bombs, but taking a pragmatic approach is racist. Any dumbass who is saying “but Americans do it too” can shut the fuck up and get off their high horses. Because the topic is honor killing. And it wasn’t a thing until Muslims got here. Acid attacks weren’t a thing until Muslims got there. Machete attacks weren’t a thing until El Salvadorians got here. We don’t eat dogs here. We don’t attack women for showing their hair here. But keep on pandering, it will only get worse. Time to grow up college students, time to quit being self rightous race baiting smug hypocrites, professors. Time to fix the problems. Stop bullying people who say things you don’t like. It’s your idiot policies that are destroying the west.

    • ga gamba says

      They’re not arseholes, though.

      Face facts, if you dare. The activists are desperate for such a white-on-black crime to energise the movement. Blacks killing blacks is a local news event. Same too for blacks killing whites. But when it’s whites killing blacks – even the suggestion of it – not only does this garner national attention, it’s even carried by the international press.

      Without the blood of martyrs the interest in activist movements dissipates and the funding dries up. These movements build on the over amplifying of selected events, curated especially for hyperventilation. Is Shaun King offering $100,000 rewards for info on the killings of other black children? Of course not. He’s a race pimp, and selling bodies is his career.

      Add the Women’s March repeated own goals to BLM’s missteps and the two major rallying forces of the woke are croak.

      If there was ever an even you didn’t want to point and laugh at the other side for having egg on their face, it’s this one, considering the context of the death of a little girl.

      Not at all. King and others such as the family’s lawyer look like fools and this is good. Some people choose to learn in embarrassing ways, and let’s hope they choose to learn.

      Moving on to the article.

      The identical phenomenon plays out on the right, for we see the same focus on villains over victims in the manner by which Fox News will focus on isolated acts of violence by undocumented immigrants. These killings are of course tragic, and do raise questions about how law enforcement monitors criminals. But they are extremely rare.

      Firstly, they’re not undocumented immigrants. They’re illegal aliens. Secondly, it’s not an identical phenomenon. Had the illegal alien not been in the country the murder wouldn’t have occurred. No one wants to be a victim of a violent crime, or any crime for that matter, but when committed by fellow citizens it’s understood the perpetrators had the right to be in the country, which is untrue for illegal aliens. Further, it must be mentioned that no one knows how many illegal aliens are in the country, so that “fact” is disputable. Crimes by illegal aliens not only adds to the tally, it compounds the senselessness in an already senseless tragedy. The victim’s family and others can justifiably say that had the illegal alien remained is his/her homeland, the victim would still be alive. The same can’t be said for fellow citizens. That illegal aliens perpetrate crime at lower rates is irrelevant, and increasing the number of illegal aliens will inevitably lead to more crime. When you already have a crime problem with citizens, you don’t exacerbate it by adding millions of illegal aliens. At least with legal immigrants there is a vetting process that builds a profile of documentation for those approved for visas. At the very least, the government has each legal immigrant’s real name, fingerprints, and other personal details such as homeland address and names of relatives. Illegal alien criminals, who don’t have the same financial and documentary links to the nation as citizens and legal immigrants, find it easier to flee back to their homelands, disappear, and evade justice.

      • Ray Andrews (the dolphin) says

        @ga gamba

        It seems to easy to divert people’s attention. Folks seem to only be able to pay attention to one thing at a time. Thus, if illegal aliens are not the leading cause of crime in the nation it seems to follow that the crimes they do commit do not matter at all. In the same manner, if illegal migration is slowing down, we may treat it as no problem at all and thus Trump’s wall would be an absurdity since a declining problem is NO problem.

        • Stephanie says

          @Ray, we shouldn’t cave to the one-track thinking you suggest. We also shouldn’t assume that illegal entries will continue to decline. There has been a dramatic rise in illegal entries by non-Mexicans, many from one of the most violent countries not in an actual war: Honduras.

          The decline in illegal entries is mostly because of an improving economic situation in Mexico. But they have a leftist president now, so if anything we should assume that he will wreck the economy and we’ll be dealing with another flood of illegals.

          Regardless what happens, best to have a wall, just in case.

      • Roy K Burton says

        The author also tries to muddy the statistics by adding the opioid epidemic as compared to murder committed by illegal aliens, but in doing so only brings in to focus another problem with illegal immigration. The flood of drugs coming across our southern border.

        • Jack B. Nimble says

          @RK Burton

          The connection between illegal immigration and hard drugs is bogus:

          “President Trump has repeatedly cited drug smuggling to justify a border wall. Because it is difficult to conceal, marijuana is the main drug transported between ports of entry where a border wall would matter. However, Border Patrol seizure figures demonstrate that marijuana flows have fallen continuously since 2014, when states began to legalize marijuana. After decades of no progress in reducing marijuana smuggling, the average Border Patrol agent between ports of entry confiscated 78 percent less marijuana in fiscal year (FY) 2018 than in FY 2013.

          As a result, the value of all drugs seized by the average agent has fallen by 70 percent since FY 2013. Without marijuana coming in between ports of entry, drug smuggling activity now primarily occurs at ports of entry, where a border wall would have no effect. In FY 2018, the average inspector at ports of entry made drug seizures that were three times more valuable overall than those made by Border Patrol agents between ports of entry — a radical change from 2013 when Border Patrol agents averaged more valuable seizures. This is because smugglers bring mainly hard drugs through ports. By weight, the average port inspector seized 8 times more cocaine, 17 times more fentanyl, 23 times more methamphetamine, and 36 times more heroin than the average Border Patrol agent seized at the physical border in early 2018.

          Given these trends, a border wall or more Border Patrol agents to stop drugs between ports of entry makes little sense…….”

          Link:, emphasis added

      • Luke James says

        It’s true that recent immigrants tend to work harder and commit less crime than the native born population. But that’s misleading. It is always presented as if corn fed Iowans and preppy, straight laced white Americans had higher rates of crime than immigrants. That isn’t the case. As Heather MacDonald says and the British experience of Islamic immigration shows. The first generation are in the West by choice, to work hard and build a better life. The crime rates are higher in second and third, American and British born sons and grandsons of immigrants, as many become part of the street culture underclass.

        So, yes recent immigrants from places like Mexico, Pakistan and Somalia tend to have lower rates of crime but the sons and grandsons of those immigrants tend to have higher rates of crime.

        So whilst technically this means native born Americans and Brits have higher crime rates than recent arrivals, crime is still an immigration issue as its the second and third generation immigrants who have high crime rates when compared to those with deep ancestral roots.

        So it’s misleading to say natives carry out more crime than immigrants. It isn’t WASPY gangs stalking the streets, it’s second and third generation, native born American Hispanic and black and Pakistani Brits.

        A similar slight of hand is being played when they say that there’s far more “right wing terrorism” than Islamic terrorism. The definition of “right wing terrorism” is broad. It includes anonymously scrawled swastika graffiti (which could have been put there by anyone, including a lefty trying to “start a conversation”), graffiti on black churches and fires in black churches (both of which are just as likely to be disgruntled parishioners, social justice lefties trying to start a panic or insurance jobs) and armchair blowhards online larping about race war. All of the above is chalked up as “right wing terrorism”.

        Whereas Islamic terrorism is reserved only for the most egregious acts of bombings, shootings and organized terror cells with explosives and plans to carry out an attack. And even then there’s a penchant to downplay the Islamic component. With Fort Hood being described as workplace violence and the Pulse Nightclub shooting initially being described as a self loathing homosexual with mental illness going postal; nothing to do with Islam.

        So the whole native born Americans and Brits carry out more crime than immigrants and right wing terrorism is a bigger threat than Jihad, is a slight of hand.

        Unfortunately it’s a slight of hand almost everyone?accepts at face value (from the mainstream media to brilliant heretical thinkers like Stephen Pinker).

      • Sarah Allsop says

        From what I have read, illegal immigrants have higher crime rates than citizens but legal immigrants have lower crime rates. By conflating illegal immigrants with ALL immigrants, this statistic gets misused frequently.

    • Angela says

      Regressive leftist social justice survive on white on black race based killings. Inside they jump for joy when that happens. The same is probably true for Breitbart types, but it’s not to quite the same intensity. They cover illegal immigrant murderers and put too much emphasis on them, but it’s nowhere near the massive coverage white on black killings get.

    • Just to point out, most people who make the argument, don’t call the racial hatred of a demographic majority by various minorities “reverse racism”. They realize it to be just racism as there is no such thing as reverse racism. Reverse racism falsely assesses, by its very structure, that only Europeans can be racists.

      Also, when people point out the specific problem of black on black violence, for some reason the left likes to say “well people who live among each other are more likely to commit violent acts against each other”, completely missing the point. It is the rate, not the percentage within the demographic, of black on black violence that is worthy of highlighting such a tragic statistic. It is astronomically higher than all other racial groups in the entire US combined. That is why people note it as such a problem and the incredulity they have when it is ignored or hand-waived off.

  2. Ray Andrews (the dolphin) says

    People hate each other for any number of reasons, why are some of them privileged? English football hooligans famously try to kill each other by virtue of supporting different clubs, why does that entail less hand wringing than would a race hatred? Or a religious hatred? Or the hatred of some group of sex perverts? Note that it is very Correct to hate Trump and his Deplorables is it not? Everyone hates Nazis. Well, almost everyone, and if you love them, I hate you.

    To be honest I’ve hated people because I didn’t like the look on their face. Perhaps the government should get out of the business of reading our minds. What our motives are can be hard to determine. What the law should concern itself with is what we DO, which can be proven in court. Frankly, I’ll hate whoever I want to hate for whatever reasons suit me. Let me confess: I hate the Hutus and I don’t think anyone will fail to understand why. I also hate the Serbs because they … well that’s obvious too. Mind, I’m careful not to hate any individual Serb because he might not have raped even one single Muslim child. But as a group, yes, I hate them. But so far I haven’t shot even one. If I did, would it be plain vanilla murder, or would some prosecutor dig up this little rant and prove that it was a Hatecrime even if I didn’t know that the guy I shot was a Serb at the time? No, because the Serbs are white, therefore the subject does not come up.

    • Smootchie says

      It seems to be a specifically western ideal that being racist is the worst thing you can be. I imagine the lgic is something like “Hitler was racist and Hitler is the worst person in history, therefore being racist is the worst thing you can be”.*

      Ive met many people all over this wide world. Id rather have a racist as a neighbor than a heroine dealer.

      * Black anti-semitism is the only exception to this rule.

    • Angela says

      Yeah I don’t get how British people look down on America for our stupid redneck types, when American sports events are downright civilized (philidephia possibly excluded) compared to the psycho soccer fans in the UK. I recently learned they dont even let fans of opposing teams sit next to each other. They forcibly seperated them.

      • IsiahBerlinWall says

        @Angela: you’re comparing gridiron and soccer. False equivalence. Rugby is way harder than gridiron (no protective padding, and no ad breaks after every play) and yes, though it’s an absolutely brutal collision sport it’s a great day out for all the family

    • Angela says

      Regarding hate crimes it’s a two tiered system. The standard of proof needed for some in the left of center MSM seems to be that a white guy shot a black person. However the standars of proof most prosecutors use us dramatically higher. Murders are very rarely tried as hate crimes, and when they are there’s usuaully very clear cut evidence it was actually a hate crime.

      Personally I’m fine with hate crime laws like we currently have. Where I draw the line is hate speech laws which wouls clearly violate the first amendment, which thank god we have. It’s the reason we don’t have ridiculous hate speech laws like most of the western world.

    • That’s not quite right. Most football hooliganism is reserved to fisticuffs. They only occasionally actually murder each other. They sometimes carry Stanley knives (box cutters for the Americans out there) and slash each other but it rarely ends in death and they almost never carry guns and have never bombed anyone as far as I know. Football hooliganism is basically drunken brawling and vandalism. They don’t try to kill each other.

      I’m no fan of football hooliganism or anti Islam street protest movements like the EDL but the way they’re equated with Islamic extremism or black street gangs like the Crips is wrong.

      There’s a massive difference between fisticuffs on Saturday at a pub outside a football ground and African American street gangs or ISIS

  3. “To his credit, King later clarified that the white man seen leaving the scene likely was just scared and fleeing for his life.”

    King tried to stir up trouble based on nothing more than his own racism. He deserves no “credit” as he spoke up without knowing any of the facts.

    Responses to events like the Barnes’s killing are increasing taking the tone of lynch mobs. The Washington Post story on Barnes (1/3/19) had among its top comments: “Anyone who would shoot a seven year old child deserves, at best,never to see the light of day again.” And: “Having lived 30 years in Houston in a past life it is well known that many of the Whites who live in the area this cowardly attack took place are racist rednecks…To me the fact that heinous act took place in northeast Houston makes it almost certain that this murder was racially motivated.” And even more: “The fact is, there is increasing evidence of a white male tendency towards random, violent hate crimes.”

    Again, these are the TOP comments; people are responding positively to these ideas. This is scary stuff and not the kind of hate that should tolerated.

    • Angela says

      King deserves incidental credit, because he was the reason the crime was solved. Without the 100k reward the motto of not snitching to the cops would have prevented this crime from being solved.

      • His reward was offered only because of his racism. The police solved the crime; I have not seen any evidence that it was thanks to King. And even if your statement were true, what does that say about a community that will tolerate a murder of child if the assailant is of the “right” race?

      • Agreed but he only sprang into action because of the race angle and was left with no choice but to do the right thing once the narrative fell apart.

        If King begins to carry out his online activism and offer rewards for the capture of killers he knows aren’t white at the outset, then I think he should be given credit as a positive figure. But whilst he is solely intent on pushing the racial agenda, he is not an honest player.

      • Native jo says

        No he wasn’t. It was the other witnesses. Talcum X automatically believed the story he was told, it’s not the first time either.

  4. Ray Andrews (the dolphin) says


    Remember when a lynch mob didn’t feel the need to be too careful before stringing up a negro, because even if he wasn’t guilty of looking at *this* white woman, he was certainly guilty of looking at some other white woman? He was basically guilty by virtue of his race, wasn’t he? So now we have the reverse. White males are basically ‘born guilty’. If they didn’t commit this racecrime, they have committed some other racecrime, or they will sooner or later, so why not get them out of the way now? No matter how hard they try not to be racist, the leopard can’t change his spots — they have ‘internalized whiteness’, don’t they? Time for the final solution to whiteness.

    • peanut gallery says

      @Ray This illustrates the real issue with identifying the slippery slope of collectivism. It’s not that the slope is slippery, it’s that the idea is that horrible thing. You aren’t looking at a slope, but a time line. The line starts with the idea of whiteness (or jewness or etc) but always ends in murder.

      The slope isn’t slippery, adopting that idea does lead to murder. The struggle sessions occurring in some colleges today, don’t end in torturing professors. Only because that’s not yet on the menu where we are in the time line, but it could be as the resentment and hatred is stoked.

      • Ray Andrews (the dolphin) says

        @peanut gallery

        You hit the nail on the head there. In some ways democracy is always on a slippery slope, we veer somewhat to the left, then somewhat to the right, but at all times we seek balance, like an ice skater … or at least we used to. As you say, the logic of the Victim worldview does not seek balance, it seeks its utopia and we are on a time line towards it. If we do not stop them soon enough we will have the latest incarnation of the Red Guards who will torture professors who are found wanting in neo-Marxist doctrinal purity — the very few that are left, that is who have not already been purged.

  5. Dai Anto says

    “The news media should resist the urge to boost the claim that a crime was racially motivated—unless there is proof that it was.”

    If media reports that an East Asian gang is thought to be responsible for burglary in my neighbourhood there are those that would consider it racist. Others may consider it a prudent warning.

    In Britain, many white teenage girls became sexual slaves for East Indian grooming gangs.The gangs were known to police and social services who refused to act for fear of being perceived to be racist. Similarly German media and politicians held back news regarding the New Year’s eve sexual assaults by recent middle Eastern refugees. It was Twitter postings that brought it to light.

    It is a difficult question. One doesn’t wish race to dominate but there is also a point at which ignoring race harms the common welfare.

    • ga gamba says

      In Britain, many white teenage girls became sexual slaves for East Indian grooming gangs.

      Though some of them may have been from India, almost all were first and second generation Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants. But it wasn’t simply their origin from the subcontinent that brought these rape gangs together nor influenced who they targeted. If this were true, then Hindus and Sikhs would have also been many of the perpetrators. They weren’t. The number of men acting in concert and their disregard of the police is unprecedented outside of war.

      Re the news media’s coverage, we find time and time again it’s remarkably selective. Certain incidents are trumpeted loudly far and wide, often cited repeatedly over time as evidence of subsequent incidents, yet many other events are barely mentioned and don’t capture the wild imaginations of the pundits.

      A confession of this bias I read was The Guardian’s Gaby Hinsliff commenting about Cologne’s sexual attacks a week after they occurred – her piece was the first of the paper’s, one that customarily is quick on the draw when sexual assaults on women are perpetrated. The Guardian had hoped the story would disappear, killed off by the news cycle. The irony was that as the MSM did its best to avoid it, this further fueled interest in the story and discussions about the dinosaur media’s collective silence.

      On New Year’s Eve, something happened that I don’t really want to talk about. It happened not to me but to about 100 women in Cologne and other German cities . . . . it’s because the attackers are widely described as looking Arab or north African. Which is why, of course, liberals like me are reluctant to talk about it.

      Of course! Because it forced them to examine what they wished to avoid seeing.

      So no wonder liberals would do anything to avoid fanning these flames, since we see in all this righteous indignation a blatantly racist old trope about barbarians at the gates. . . . Journalism isn’t really journalism when it avoids stories for fear of how some might react.

      There’s the reveal. For an entire week the collective mind of the Graun’s commentators struggled on how to fabricate a narrative. But the scale of the attacks was too large, public anger didn’t subside, and the journalists didn’t have a script to fall back on.

      When allegations about older Asian men preying on white girls in northern cities initially surfaced, well over a decade ago, it was the BNP that first took up the cudgels. Unfortunately, that meant journalists and politicians instinctively shied away, wary of giving the BNP publicity.

      Instinctively? This is their natural, innate characteristic, is it? That’s a helluva word to use. Pity for the thousands of girls the journalists’ and politicians’ shyness lasted for more than 10 years. This also erases the fact social services and police also knew of the crimes and they too were too shy for years. Everybody was in on it, heads in the sand. Perhaps they all need assertiveness training to overcome their reticence? Mind you, Cologne happened after many of the rape gangs were exposed as well as incidents similar to Cologne’s happening elsewhere previously in Europe, and the journalists were still baffled how to report it because they didn’t want to validate the truth of what the deplorables asserted. In doing so, journalists transformed themselves into spokespeople.

      Journalists like to proclaim they speak truth to power. The problem for many of them is they have a very limited idea of what power is and who specifically holds it. This denies that even within the so-called marginalised groups there are those who have power as well as those who don’t. This allows them to ignore the truth that abuse doesn’t fit neatly in the progressive stack they’ve fabricated to determine how the narrative is to be formed. Abuse can and does exist everywhere. In many contexts those deemed powerless are still able to abuse others. For all their banging on about intersectionality, they sure have trouble seeing it when the perpetrators aren’t white.

      Instead of speaking truth to power, I think a wiser goal is to speak truth to abuse. Had journalists endeavoured to expose abuse, perhaps they wouldn’t have experienced the petrifying fear of reporting events such as Cologne, Rotherham, Rochdale, Keighley, and many, many other places.

      • TarsTarkas says

        ‘Journalists like to proclaim they speak truth to power’.

        No, what journalists are (or want to be) IS power. That is why they try to suppress news that doesn’t follow their narrative; because that news IS speaking to power (theirs) and makes them look stupid or criminally incompetent.

    • Angela says

      Is east Asiab crime a problem in the UK?n the US east Asian crime is practically nonexistent. It’s black and to a lesser degree hispanic crime that’s an issue here.

      • @Angela: East Asian? What put such an idea into your head? I assure you there are no Japanese criminal gangs running around in the UK any more than anywhere else. What the UK does have is, as ga gamba said, significant problems with
        Pakistani criminals (presumably because Pakistan used to be a British colony). Pakistanis in the
        UK are euphemistically referred to as “Asians” (but never as east Asians), possibly in a desperate attempt to make people think of Japanese and other high-achieving cultures.

        • ga gamba says

          Pakistanis in the
          UK are euphemistically referred to as “Asians” (but never as east Asians), possibly in a desperate attempt to make people think of Japanese and other high-achieving cultures.

          No, the latter half of your sentence is a stretch.

          The great majority of British Asians’ origins are from South Asia, and prior to partition they were called collectively Indian. Obviously, this grated Pakistani and, later, Bangladeshi immigrants, who sought to differentiate themselves. Asian was catchall fit for purpose.

          Historically, the UK received very little immigration from Japan, Korea, and elsewhere in East and Southeast Asia. Collectively they were called Chinese (even when not Chinese) and to correct that later, albeit briefly, Oriental, but this fell from use after Edward Said’s book and Americanisation of the language. Asiatic was also used, often amongst scholars. Today, East Asian appears to be the preferred label. The first large batch of those outside the subcontinent were from Hong Kong (including recent arrivals escaping the mainland via the territory) who applied to immigrate after the communist take over of the mainland and, later, in the lead up to the handover of the colony to China. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand were also recipient states of Hong Kong Chinese because of the Commonwealth ties. IIRC, these three countries tend to call East Asians Asian, largely due to immigration patterns and also to replace Oriental.

          When used euphemistically in the UK, Asian applies more so to obscure incidents and worse perpetrated by South Asian Muslims, such as the rape gangs, that appear to target non-Muslim groups deliberately. In the press you’ll find Asian grooming gangs, which is two euphemisms to conceal they are actually Muslim rape gangs.

  6. Dan Love says

    The life of a black person killed by a black person has less value than the life of a black person killed by a white person. –No one explicity thinks this, but it is a conclusion entailed by the logic, actions, and outrage of a popular ideology.

    I’m surprised family members of victims of black-on-black murders aren’t angry people care so much less about their loved ones getting killed.

  7. Dan Love says

    People caring more about Jazmine’s muder if she is killed by a white person than if she is killed by a black person is irreverent to Jazmine, and it’s selfish.

    Identity politics outrage is anger entailed by people’s personal ideological proclivities rather than what actually happens to victims.

  8. “Most of these victims were murdered by other African American men, largely thanks to systemic problems in these cities that can be traced, in part, to segregation and the drug trade.”

    There are three things a person needs to get a seat at the table (a chance at a good life, while with no guarantees):

    (1) A good family upbringing
    (2) A good work ethic
    (3) A good education

    (1) We’ve done a stellar job of destroying the family social unit since the 1960s in this country, blacks led that decline, but whites have since followed. The two main drivers of that decline have been (and still are) media and government.

    (2) Predicated on (1). You learn to do chores for which others rely on you, and that they be done conscientiously without having to be reminded. You learn you belong to a defined community (family here – later a church or citizen organization).

    (3) Instead of “Medicare for All” (imagine if that were “VA for All”!), the mantra should be “K-12 choice for All.” If you’re born black in this country there’s a 90+% probability you’ll get an inferior K-12 education.

    • Stephanie says

      Thanks for pointing this out, Joe. The author seems to bend over backwards to be as kind to the SJW cause as possible, and in so doing ignores the actual causes of the black murder rate, opting instead to focus on the least offensive, surficial comorbidities.

      How is segregation a cause? If white people were such a source of grief, wouldn’t less white people be better? In some cities at least the causative relationship is inverted: rising black crime drove white flight. There ought to be a reason why black-dominated areas are having trouble. As for the drug trade, areas like British Columbia and Colorado have a tremendous drug industry, but it doesn’t produce such violence.

      Breakdown of the black family from infantilizing social welfare programs, and the resulting single motherhood, and thus poverty, is the root of all these issues.

    • Native jo says

      Maryland spends more on Baltimore schools than any other city. It still sucks. The fault lies with the excuse they’ve been allowed to accept for everything, that’s racist, math is racist, science is racist, rules are racist, punishment is racist, and blah blah blah. The excuse of racism has given these kids the notion that they dont have to do the same things as everyone else has to. So they don’t .Black kids in black schools run amuck, their behavior is out of control at best. The good kids are ignored because the teachers are busy trying to get the class to shut up or breaking up fights. Things go on in those schools that just don’t happen elsewhere. It’s not just the schools fault, it’s the general attitude of the students, parents, and morons who act like these are sweet angels being picked on because they are black, not because they got upon a desk and kicked their teacher. The only people who change change things are the black community itself.

  9. “interrogating, challenging and transforming the climate and culture which created the murderer.”

    And who, pray tell, Black or White, is doing this necessary interrogation?

  10. BrannigansLaw says

    “Research has consistently shown that immigrants to the United States—including those who enter the country illegally—are less likely to engage in homicide than native-born Americans.”

    This is not true when you break down the murder rates by race. Then you find that illegal immigrants commit murder at around twice the rate of White Americans but less than the murder rate of Black Americans.

  11. Morgan Foster says

    “The specter of “black on black” violence … The clearance rates for homicides in these neighborhoods is abysmal. In some cases, less than half of homicide cases result in arrests. Six-figure reward offers could go some way to helping with that.”

    The author says he wrote an in-depth report on the subject in 2017, so one supposes he knows, as well as anyone, that one of the greatest impediments to clearing these cases is the reluctance of witnesses in the African American community to snitch. Even among those who are related to one or more murder victims.

    As for six-figure awards, that’s pretty funny. There must be a conviction before any money is paid out. It may not be the full amount offered. It may have to be split between several parties, each represented by an attorney. It may take years to collect as little as a couple of thousand dollars out of what one originally believed was going to be six figures. (The accused may be acquitted by a jury and there will be no reward.) And all the while, one has been exposed as a snitch, losing the respect of friends and a good portion of the community, and quite possibly, one’s life.

  12. Sydney says

    It’s ‘ethnicity,’ not ‘race.’ Words matter, despite the persistence of incorrect usage.

    And ethnicity matters.

    Here in Canada, PM Justin Trudeau has made ethnicity a critical component of his term in Parliament. He has gone far out of his way to put visible minorities – and visible minorities who are Muslim – into positions of power. This same Cabinet entirely unnecessarily forced through a Sharia-like “Islamophobia” motion (in a nation where the tiny, law-abiding Jewish minority actually experiences more hate crime than any other single group). Against the wishes of ordinary Canadians, Trudeau forced through the signing of the UN’s Migrant Pact. Trudeau and his government have made ethnicity matter.

    Trudeau went far out of his way to personally welcome a group of Syrian “refugees” into Vancouver. He rolled out the red carpet and made a big, virtue-signalling deal of it.

    Three months later, one of those Syrian “refugees,” Ibrahim Ali (single, military-aged male) raped and murdered a 13-year-old schoolgirl in a park. When the accused murdered was charged, Trudeau’s government did all it could to keep the crime and the identity of the accused out of the media. Clearly, ethnicity matters to PM Trudeau and his government. People who use ethnicity for their ends can expect it to backfire. You can’t have it both ways.

    Does it matter that the murderer and rapist is Syrian “refugee”? Yes. Does his ethnicity matter? Yes, it does matter on a few levels. It also matters that the murdered child, Marrisa Shen, belonged to a family of Chinese immigrants who entered Canada legally, as opposed to the Syrian “refugee,” who was not vetted but whisked in as political window dressing to sell Justin Trudeau’s pro-migrant UN agenda.

    If we parsed out the statistics on violent crime in Canada in terms of the ethnicity of the criminals, the results would be somewhat complex, and important. You can’t ‘pretend away’ facts, no matter what they are. If you try to hide them, you can’t hope to find solutions for them. Ethnicity isn’t politically correct, but it matters.

    • Dan Love says


      You make a good point. A common element in the cases you mention is if significant force is already made through emphasis on race/ethnicity in one direction (Trudeau and SJWs), then it is good to emphasize to push against it. Perhaps that is a case when race/ethnicity matters.

      But I feel I have to admit that’s not the only case. I can’t get myself to admit race/ethnicity doesn’t matter given just the fact that people of one race/ethnicity is 10 times more likely to commit a crime than another.

      This might be a problem for purist rationalist libertarians. I wonder what one would argue.

      Nonetheless, there is the counter-point that the alternative seems akin to fighting fire with fire. If race is emphasized in any direction, you can bank race will be pushed back, and it gets really dirty really quickly. I despise the idea of race mattering.

      Also, it does seem fundamentally ridiculous and selfish for me to care more about the murder of my son when the murderer is of one race than of another. Wouldn’t you agree?

    • Ned Flanders says

      Thank you for drawing attention to the death of Marissa Shen. A Canada that is not united in outrage over her murder is not a Canada I want to live in.

    • Joe Almeida says

      One technical point. The vast majority of Syrian refugees were sponsored by church groups and community groups. Yes, the federal government did provide direct support in some cases, but the majority of the 35,000 were brought in by those who chose to help and put the money up. Ibrahim Ali was sponsored by a Bowen Island community group and a Vancouver United Church. I’m no fan of Trudeau, but it is important to stick with the facts. Many fellow Canadians actually opened their homes to many of these people by choice. And many of the Syrian refugees are not Muslims, but Syriac or Greek Orthodox Christians. Syria was never an Islamic monolith beholden to one religious interpretation. Syria’s current borders are modern inventions – and Syria is composed of many ethnicities – Druze, Alawite, Turks, Yazidi, Kurds, Syriac Christians, Greek Orthodox believers, Jews, and others. So, tracking the crime stats, should we track as a Syrian, should we track as a Muslim, should we track as an Alawite? By your own words – ethnicities matter. How about mental health, early upbringing, education or lack thereof, temperment? Your focus on this one guy’s ethnicity is as problematic as the left’s focus on ethnicity. Your focus on this guy being Syrian in a sea other dimensions that are just as important only justifies what the left has been saying – individuals don’t matter – groups do. You put individuals on trial, not entire races. Open that door again, and people will find all sorts of excuses to do away with X ethnicity because they historically have done Y and are prone to do Z. One man’s actions does not a statistically sound correlation on ethnicity make.

      • Stephanie says

        @Joe, thank you for the clarification. I hope the Bowen Island community group and Vancouver United Church have faced adequate ire for their irresponsible decision to prioritise virtue signalling over the safety of their community, and have been disabused of the notion that all people, all over the world, carry an equal risk of mistreating women and girls.

        Sadly, this one man does not exist in a vacuum. As you are undoubtedly aware, Muslim men from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia have been responsible for a hugely disproportionate number of sex crimes in Europe. It is only expected that the same crop of people will pose the same risks in Canada.

  13. islamaphooey says

    The facts don’t matter anymore, only the narrative. I love how the media reports on crimes these days. They can’t mention the race or ethnicity of the alleged perpetrators (unless they are white) because…I guess the facts are too rascist or something. Seriously, how do I the citizen keep on the lookout for the man who is accused of whatever crime when his very description is forbidden? I actually heard a radio news report recently that said “the suspect is estimated to be between 25 and 35, around 5’8″, and about 180 pounds”. That’s it! Wow, that really narrows it down! No doubt that guy was spotted and picked up in no time flat! If we haven’t reached peak stupid yet, we’re getting real close.

    • Morgan Foster says

      Like most, I’ve become adept at reading between the lines. No mention of race, the accused is non-White. No mention of name, the accused is African-American or some variety of Muslim. (Almost never Han Chinese!)

      As a matter of street-survival, racial stereotypes are all that the government has left us.

      • stevengregg says

        You learn the story from the comments section, which is why most liberal media shut off the comments on such stories. However, if the comments are shut off, you know who did it.

    • codadmin says

      Also, the brown ‘white’ woman in the video is autistic. SO BEWARE, If you are brown and autistic you WILL be branded WHITE if it suits the narrative.

  14. ludow worthington says

    Another related reporting idea: Moving away from using “black” and “white” as the primary way to identity people in the news. The usage reinforces black and white thinking.

    Now and then I see articles pointing out that race is a scientifically meaningless concept, but the same publications then go on day after day using “black” and “white.” (Apparently race is scientifically meaningless until it serves one’s purposes.)

    For me, this idea became especially clear during the 2016 election, even after, when articles would casually say “white males supported Donald Trump” and “white females supported Hillary Clinton.” (I think the real numbers were around 60 & 40.)

    The reporting seemed lazy and didn’t impart any real understanding of the world. After all, Donald Trump and the late Mister Rogers both shared the traits of skin color and gender. Do they really belong in together in any meaningful category?

    I’d like to read an article that said something wonderfully awkward, like “John Smith, whose skin is the color commonly referred to as ‘white’, and John Doe, whose skin is the color commonly referred to as ‘black’, were questioned by police.”

  15. “Research has consistently shown that immigrants to the United States—including those who enter the country illegally—are less likely to engage in homicide than native-born Americans.“

    Well, since crimes committed by legal immigrants are not reported seperately from crimes committed by illegal immigrants, it may simply be that legal immigrants commit many fewer crimes and illegal immigrants commit more. So it might be true ONLY if you include illegal immigrants with legal immigrants.

    Besides, the immigration status for illegal immigrants is often not recorded. Sanctuary jurisdictions and police disinterest factor into reporting immigration status.

    It is not possible to say illegal immigrants commit fewer crimes proportionally based on the evidence we have.

  16. Dan Love says


    Nice catch. It’s also rational to expect the illegal immigrants completely off the books commit more crimes than the illegal immigrants that are recorded, skewing the statistics even more.

  17. Stewie Griffith says

    “The specter of “black on black” violence sometimes has been used a pretext to advance offensive, racist and unscientific claims about African Americans.”

    The biggest determinant for an individuals total life outcomes, their success or failure, their propensity to commit crime and all other attendant social problems is IQ.

    Yet once we start talking about population groups as a whole, suddenly the ‘blank slate’ thesis descends, leaving the only default option to explain these differences in total life outcome, as the moral failings and prejudice of a society that is so altruistic, that it has thrown open its doors to the world and welcomes virtually anyone.

    Denying that group population IQ is not a major contributing factor of these social problems, is in fact a form of Racism and Bigotry. By choosing to ignore these scientifically valid claims, Zaid is simply perpetuating the only acceptable form of racism in the world today – criticising white societies and their people.

  18. Ned Flanders says

    The right does not gloss over the opioid crisis and suicide-by-handgun. I have seen these issues covered on Fox news, and would say they get at least as much attention there as they do in other media. Also, what’s the connection between victims and Trump voters? Is there evidence that only Trump voters are killed by illegal immigrants?

    The problem with the enlightened middle-ground position, that attempts to criticizes both sides fairly, is that person making the point is often heavily biased to one side. In this case, the author clearly hasn’t paid enough attention to Fox news, and likely other voices to the right, to accurately represent them.

  19. I may be wrong, but my interpretation of one of the author’s points is, simply put, journalistic, societal and, not specifically mentioned, comedic and other measures of worth or success have become profit, notoriety and/or agenda Even worse they are tainted by political correctness. A sad state.

    Too, I find interesting that for all of the discussion here the concept of “profiling” and attendant horror has not been mentioned.

  20. This is silly. Say that you discover a correlation between “possession of handgun” and “homicide”–someone is going to notice that perhaps, fatalities are higher when perp’s “possess a handgun” as compared to “possessing a screw driver”.

    Let us suppose, hypothetically, that there was a statistical correlation between race of the perp and homicide and street crimes (I say hypothetically, but the FBI has been keeping these kinds of stats for decades so the curious can find out for themselves). Further, let’s say the correlation cut against political correctness, e.g. another negative stereotype that was obviously the result of a social construction created by evil wizards and not reflective of anything immune to liberal social engineering, such as defective family structures and/or genetics. It would obviously be imperative to search for your NABALT statistical outlier to i.) “refute” the stereotype by offering the existence of the tall pygmy ii.) control fictional depictions of crime in the media representations to distort public perceptions, iii.) hide the nationality of criminals who “confirm” the stereotypes with misleading headlines (“Minnesota cop shoots Australian woman”).

    In other words, given the existence of non-politically correct statistical correlations + political correctness, social construction theory, and blank slatism, the only possible result can be obsession with the race of SOME criminals (or suspected race in TX), and mendacity concerning the race/nationality of many criminals. Unless political correctness, social construction theory and blank slatism ends, all the colorblind essays will accomplish nothing. With regard to that task, good luck, it would be like getting rid of Marxist-Leninism in the Eastern Bloc before 1989–it is the state religious dogma of your rulers, their priests, and of their seminaries.

  21. Yeah, they shouldn’t comment on what witnesses see and should instead just intuit things like: 1) when it occurred; 2) where it occurred; 3) male or female; 4) tall or short; 5) fat or skinny; 6) skin color; 7) hair color and style; 8) clothing worn; 9) type of weapon used…. No the fewer facts we share, the better the investigation!(?)

  22. Peter Piper says

    The problem is that we’ve only been reporting on one end of the color spectrum. It’s time we admit that the only reason the US has a crime problem is because we have way too many black people. Remove blacks and we are more peaceful than western europe.

  23. Deserttrek says

    Yes race is not the factor , but don’t let a crisis go to waste
    in the case quoted turns out the family knew and saw the shooters, makes credibility a real issue
    as far as illegal allies v citizens, a poor argument, no need to import more criminals regardless of the percentage of population

  24. Jezza says

    When Donald Trump uses the term “fake news” it resonates. The dinosaur press persistently publishes distorted reports, lying by omission and suppression. Why? What’s in it for them? They don’t care about truth, they just want to sell papers. So they assess the biases of their readership base and write, compose, manufacture stories to reinforce those biases. But they are more and more being caught out in their lies and misinformation and their social credit is being diminished accordingly. I believe the time is rapidly coming when individual reporters will have their own fan base and be the first choice for information. Long live Quillette!

  25. “Fox News will focus on isolated acts of violence by undocumented immigrants. ”

    Hmmmm. Tells it all.

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