Quillette Podcast 11 – Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker explains why the critics of Enlightenment Now are wrong

Canadian editor Jonathan Kay talks to Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker about his book Enlightenment Now and why the critics who took him to task for celebrating the Enlightenment are wrong. Professor Pinker has also written a piece for Quillette on the same subject.


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  2. Anonymous admirer says

    Love the work that Mr. Pinker has done, very useful in fighting against the cultural marxists and co. I also love the work that Quillette is doing.

    With that said, can someone tell me why quillette hasn’t switched from Patreon to Subscribestar or similar? Patreon – and its puppetmaster Mastercard – have acted in a very anti-free speech manner recently regarding their contract-breaking ban of Carl Benjamin, resulting in many content creators – and their funders – leaving that platform. At the very least I would hope that subscribestar is added on as an alternative funding (alongside various cryptocurrencies, if viable), and other alternatives as well as they come online (both Gab and Jordan Peterson & co. are working hard on alternatives which should be up within a year or two).

    This is not simple political activism on my part either, as many who have left Patreon for its censorious activity might very plausibly want to donate to this site, but choose not due so due to its association with Patreon in its current (censorious) state.

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