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“I Now Understand How Nelson Mandela Felt”

Titania McGrath

My name is Titania McGrath. I am a radical intersectionalist poet committed to feminism, social justice, and armed peaceful protest. In April of this year, I decided to become more industrious on social media. I was inspired by other activists who had made use of their online platforms in order to spread their message and explain to people why they are wrong about everything.

This week the powers-that-be at Twitter hit my account with a “permanent suspension” (a semantic contradiction, but then I suppose bigots aren’t known for their grammatical prowess). This was the latest in a series of suspensions, all of which were imposed because I had been too woke. The final straw appeared to be a tweet in which I informed my followers that I would be attending a pro-Brexit march so that I could punch a few UKIP supporters in the name of tolerance.

Don’t get me wrong. I have always supported censorship. Major social media platforms have a responsibility to ensure that we are expressing the correct sort of free speech. Twitter’s decision to suspend Alex Jones, host of American website InfoWars, set the right kind of precedent. I fully supported this action because Jones is known for disseminating fake news and wild conspiracy theories. But the fact that I was also banned makes me think that Twitter were being secretly controlled by InfoWars from the very start.

Indeed, Twitter’s modus operandi appears to involve routinely silencing those who defend social justice and enabling those who spread hate. In my short time on the platform, I have regularly come across hate speech from the sort of unreconstructed bigots who believe that there are only two genders, or that Islam is not a race. It’s got to the point where if someone doesn’t have “anti-fascist” in their bio, it’s safest to assume that they’re a fascist.

The permanent suspension only lasted for a day, but the experience was traumatic and lasting. I now understand how Nelson Mandela felt. If anything, my ordeal was even more damaging. Mandela may have had to endure 27 years of incarceration, but at least his male privilege protected him from ever having to put up with mansplaining, or being subject to wolf-whistling by grubby proles on a building site.

So what are we to make of my ban? The only sensible conclusion is that Twitter is run by a coterie of crypto-fascists. Needless to say, this bodes ill for the social justice movement. Like it or not, the successors to humanitarians such as Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi are now to be found on social media. One thinks immediately of Gary Lineker, Lily Allen, and that guy who played Mr Sulu on Star Trek.

Unfortunately, those who fight for the progressive cause are continually bombarded by alt-right trolls who like to engage in a form of harassment known as “debate.” Only a few days before my suspension, a misogynist referred to me as “shrill and humourless.”  As I was quick to point out, humour is a patriarchal construct. This is why it has been so gratifying to see the success of our current wave of feminist comedians, those brave women who are subverting the genre by ensuring that it doesn’t make anyone laugh.

Do not pity me. As a woman in a heteronormative patriarchal world I am accustomed to males like Jack Dorsey attempting to keep me silent. In my absence from Twitter, I took the opportunity to spend some time at a resort in Val d’Isère, where I could relax and contemplate my oppression. I even managed to write a book which I have entitled Woke: A Guide to Social Justice. I did want to call it My Struggle, but that title was already taken apparently.

I am a healer, a weaver of dreams. I have been put on this earth to defend minorities and fight for social justice. My work is not about ego. It is so much bigger than me. So please make sure you spread the word about my new book so that as many copies as possible can be sold.


Titania McGrath is an Activist. Healer. Radical intersectionalist poet. You can follow her on Twitter @TitaniaMcGrath


  1. Reader says

    Thank you for battling the nazis on this web site, Titania.

    • Sandra says

      That so many people out there cannot identify “her” tweets as satire and actually take them seriously is proof positive that staggering ignorance has become the norm. That revelation, to me, is the most important contribution of Twitter. We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the majority of people are idiots.

          • Greg W says

            @ Sandra
            The comment by ga gamba, “Satire is the dog whistle of neo-Nazis”, was clearly sarcasm, a form of expression very closely related to satire.
            It’s ironic and amusing that you just finished calling people who cannot identify satire “idiots.”

          • ga gamba says


            I welcome you to team idiot. I’m the one standing beside the bar holding the “Your a moran” placard.

            It’s getting crowded in here.

        • ReaderFantastic says

          This is 100% true and anyone who says otherwise is a fascist, or, even worse, a member of the GOP.

          • Jaiden says

            Ironically, this is the reason why the right call us liberals, “Libtards.” This entire article is why. I get being emotionally invested into a subject, but just because you slightly disagree with somebody else does not make the other person a fascist. Though, there is a chance.

        • Cram! Because Justiceness says

          @ga gamba, yes. Moreover:

          Neo-satire is the Nazi of dog whistles.

          The deepness gets deeper.

          • Georges of France says

            Speaking of deep: makes me think of a classic song, one with very deep lyrics that I think apply, and give hope. *Ahem*

            I GET KNOCKED DOWN!
            BUT I GET UP AGAIN!
            I GET KNOCKED DOWN!…..

          • Redundant Tautologies says

            It didn’t get deeper, it got wider. idiot.

        • Its early , I’m in western Canada and I’ve been working all night to get generators running and trees cleared from a mammoth wind storm that slammed the fraser valley .
          Through this whole night I’ve had good laughs with neighbors and trudged on knowing I am contributing.
          I have begun cleaning my dashboard and steering wheel because I shot tea out my nose from laughing so hard art your awesome posts and rebuttals .
          Thank you ever so much for your contribution.
          Seriously grateful and feeling very entertained .
          Andy herc .

      • stevengregg says

        It’s proof that satire, mockery, and reality are all blurring together on the Left, which has become so foolish that it is impossible to satirize them anymore.

        • Joseph Blough says

          This is what I was thinking, stevengregg. It’s too close to truth to be funny.

          • Daniel says

            >>This is what I was thinking, stevengregg. It’s too close to truth to be funny.

            But it’s still funny.

        • Richard Geer says

          All right, a functioning comedian among conservatives! Will wonders never cease.

        • Dodgy Geezer says

          Indeed. I thought this was satire, and am still not sure…

      • Or maybe people are so used to the extremes being so extreme that parady now blends seemlessly into sincerity. Poe’s law. I’m very skeptical of the attitude that the vast majority of people are morons (but never the one making the accusation of course). People, by and large, respond to incentives and become very educated on matters when it affects them personally.

      • James Versluys says

        Either that or the contents of radical communications and daily online social ablutions have become indistinguishable from the laziest attempt at satire anybody can imagine. If your enemy merely grunts in academic Lysenkoist ghetto verbiage, it’s not unreasonable the same thing is mistaken for honesty. There are twenty million young people with IQ’s in the range of 90 to 115 who have university training, this doesn’t even qualify as a lie.

      • Kieran says

        I would just say that the majority of normal people are not mad [or narcissistic] enough to be on twitter 🙂

      • Quit your v-jay-splaying… no I mean quit your v-jay-jay-splaining …..

      • BarbaraG says

        Satire is for idle idiots who haven’t moved beyond adolescent cynicism.
        Grown ups get along with building the world they want.

        • Kent M. Gold says

          “Satire is for idle idiots who haven’t moved beyond adolescent cynicism.
          Grown ups get along with building the world they want.”

          Amen, sista! World builders are what we need. Like George W. Bush. He’s my kind of grown up. Zero satire, and drops 1000 tons of democracy and freedom on them from 20,000 feet in order to create the kind of democratic free world he wants.*

          Then let the CIA interrogate the survivors at a black site. Those guys are some humorless grown ups right there.

          *This was not satire.**

          **The footnote about this not being satire is also not satire. Don’t you dare laugh at me…

      • That you have to think so hard about whether or not it’s satire is not a reflection on you, but a reflection of how bizarre the reality has become.

      • Really Sandra? It took you until this to figure out that 99% of humanity are morons? LOL I’m probably an idiot myself, but I knew that from about the time I stopped suckling at my momma’s teat.

      • michael farr says

        hey sandra
        if you are hanging around with people most of whom you consider are idiots, perhaps you should change your social group. Or perhaps you could examine your own limitations and biases. I refer you to Professor Peterson’s rule 6.

        • why change michael? There is a verb about the devil you know…also valid for idiots??

      • Well, they might not be idiots, for we may vary here a well-known quote Arthur C. Clark: »Any sufficiently advanced feminism is indistinguishable from satire.« 🙂

    • Reader says

      Please, this comment thread is a safe space, no need for conflict (unless someone disagrees with my original comment (in which case fuck them, I hope they fucking die)).

    • A great laugh of a read and particularly your contributions Reader.

    • “You are wrong” (indeed, ANY “you are” / 2nd person, present tense assertion of the sort “you ” is ALWAYS false. “Explaining why you are wrong” is an exercise of blasphemy against truth. One can go around forever saying “you are wrong” and NEVER speak a drop of truth!

      Scratching your head on this one? Let us (hopefully) agree on ONE thing: 1=1 (ergo, 0=0, that is, 0 is NOT 1.) Got that? OK, follow this:

      “I am” is the equivalent of “1=1.” “You are” invokes someone OTHER than “I myself,” thus YOU = NOT I, ergo, “you=not 1” and since “not 1=0” (which we’ve already laid out as an agreed mathematical, logical truth) “you are”=NOT “I am” thus 0= NOT 1, thus “YOU ARE” is ALWAYS FALSE.

      The SOONER the “woke” generation can learn simple logic, the faster the world will recover and heal from the harm (deception) being spread by “you are wrong” SJWs.

  2. Owntown Dart Scene says

    Yours is literally the most important voice throughout Hxstory. Now even more than ever, with ableist language on the march.

  3. Peter from Oz says

    Will they let this Titania find her Bottom?
    I hope so. We need more satirists of her ilk.

    • Jonathan says

      I’ll take my hit for the patriarchy and be her Bottom anytime

      • Ray Andrews says


        Wherever you work, please report yourself to your HR people and have yourself fired. That was a crypto-sexist, patriarchal and rape empowering comment. And have yourself banned from … well, just commit suicide would you and save us the trouble.

  4. Shannon says

    I am still quite traumatised by Titania’s absence on Twitter that day, but recognising that I am a privileged white male and could never comprehend her true experiences, I am also ashamed of my feelings. Thank you Titania for your woke teaching – it’s how I came to realise I was internalizing her trauma and therefore continuing the cycle of dispossession of women by the patriarchy. Nameste.

    • Kyle Winter says

      Is this satire? You cannot possibly be serious? Who talks like this? What do you even mean? OMG you Woke Jokes are hilarious

    • Christina Arasmo Beymer says

      Namaste not Nameste. You’re culturally appropriating and you need to be careful around the woke police. I’ll let it pass.

    • I am with Shannon here, I have been in Counselling with my holistic yoga guru for almost three days now trying to overcome the literal shaking I have been experiencing as a result of this ban, which was an act of actual violence.

    • Stevonnie Quartz Maheswaran Universe says

      I haven’t even literally shaking so much since the 4chan Nazis won the election, as a POC aspergendered individual I can see how this problematic tendency affects *everyone of us*

      Shame on your privileged positions if you are not literally shaking as Twitter and Tumblr become the oppression gas chambers where intersectionality comes to die.

      First they came for the body positivity cartoon erotica queer fanart, and I did not speak out!

    • Jaiden says

      Did anybody get hurt? No, she was just banned. Please, for the love, stop acting like the world is after you, because it isn’t.

      • Vicky and Titania both banned, but for quite different reasons, and on different sites. But why did it take so long for Vicky?? We never even saw her face (like that enigmatic one of Titania), a pity! I would have loved to see her expression!

    • curri says

      For funny satire you have to enter the Gates of Hell and read Andrew Anglin. Even Worse, Anglin is the last Trump loyalist, proving he’s run from Jerusalem.

    • David McCabe Steninger says

      Well, no.. Satire doesn’t have to be funny. ‘Animal Farm’ is a great work of satire, but it’s not particularly funny.

      • Innominata says

        Enjoyed this bit of (okay maybe rather obvious) kayfabe!

        “I have been put on this earth to defend minorities and fight for social justice.”
        >>@JP: “Social justice is no laughing matter.”

        No, It is not, though the laughter feels good. Even many classics liberals I debate with feel that “social justice” is a good thing, just not the way the far Left is practicing it right now. But the phrase “social justice” should make any sane, educated Westerner’s blood run cold. Here’s a synopsis why:

        In the West, we have a tradition starting with pre-Christian Judaism summed up in the phrase: “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay” (Deuteronomy 32:35). There are many other, similar Torah references.

        The Apostle Paul wove this concept into Christianity: “Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it is written: “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay, says the Lord”” (Letter to the Romans 12:19).

        Anyone who is culturally Christian (whether they attend a church, believe in God, etc.) has it in the very air they breathe that justice is not socially defined and fickle; it is divine and has an obligation to divine will and oversight. In that sense, justice in the West is explicitly “anti-social”.

        Humans may have law enforcement and courts of law to keep social *order*; but the ultimate arbiter of the law and justice is God. Human law enforcement is a tool of God’s justice, not human whim and vengeance. And if humans take the law into their own hands for their own vengeance, they risk God’s vengeance on themselves. It’s a pretty deep idea.

        “Social justice” and law as human vengeance is not a new idea; it is a very old, pre-Judaic idea. Ancient pagan societies embraced the notion that justice was completely socially defined, a way to get back at those you didn’t like and who cause trouble. The gods didn’t give a fig for justice among humans, so using the law to stick it to the “oppressors” and “deplorables” among society wasn’t usurping the justice of the gods. The mob just figured it out the best they could, often with hideous consequences that included trials by ordeal, witch hunts, show trials, lynchings, public humiliation/torture, and the like.

        We seem to be reverting to this old pagan way of viewing justice. The woke want justice to become whatever the mob says it is in the last five minutes. This insanity was on full display during the confirmation of US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. For a non-Western example, in a culture that has never had meta-social justice, look at the case of Asia Bibi in Pakistan.

        I proposed an article on all this to Quillette, since it is a topic they keep talking about without discussing the ancient roots of “social justice.”

        The Editorial Powers seemed to think it was too sophisticated for the readership here, that Quillette readers only care about the sensational effects and cases, not the root cause. Based on reading the comments here, I still tend to disagree.

        But based on opinions they do publish, I have a suspicion that the Editorial Powers don’t want to acknowledge the vast influence of cultural Judeo-Christianity. If they did, they might also have to admit that the Quillette mantra: “We all just need to be reasonable and logical and everything will be grand!” doesn’t hold up in practice. While it might be true on Planet Vulcan, human beings on earth require an abstraction above mere reason to have any sort of sane justice.

        Lest we forget, Reason was the explicit excuse given during the French Revolution and Terror to lynch hundreds of thousands indiscriminately.

        Be nice if we didn’t go back to that.

        • Not a fig, but a fig leaf yes, from the fig tree in Paradise.

        • I think “social justice” doesn’t mean “socially defined justice”. No, that’s simply our justice system. “Social justice” means justice for groups. A straight white man stole your lunch and ran off? That’s OK, we’ll find a straight white man at random, and punish him instead. It’s the same thing.

          On a philosophical level, SJWs HAVE to believe in this idea.

        • Tomas says

          This comment is what I hoped to see for all thise years reading comment sections. I copied it and I will translate it into our language. Holy shit I loved this.

        • @Innominata

          Interesting posting…I think this would be a very interesting topic to examine and expound upon. You are correct. Our secular culture has become way to quick to dismiss our many important good values born from our Judeo/Christian heritage.

          The tragic, and evil actions done in the name of God in our histories are what often stands out in many people’s minds (including my own). We need reminding about what made Western civilization advance.

          If any Quillette authorities are skimming through this, I hope they will reconsider your proposition.

      • “Social justice is no laughing matter”
        If you take out the ‘S’, ‘o’ and the ‘c’ from social and the ‘j’, ‘s’, ‘i’ and ‘c’ from justice, rearrange the letters left and add add a ’g’,’h’,’n’,’g’,’m’,’a’,’t’, and ‘r’ you’ll find it spells laughing matter. Coincidence?
        I think not.

    • Ray Andrews says

      @Luke Warmme

      No. Satire is supposed to make you think. Satire is supposed to strip bare that which is phony by overloading it to the point where it collapses under it’s own weight.

      • Chis Marshall says

        How dare someone try to make me think! Reductio ad absurdum is patriarchal mind rape.

    • Reader says

      “Satire is supposed to be funny”

      Someone missed Nannette.

    • I agree. Satire’s powerful undermining of traditional power structures is meant to elicit woke chuckles from appropriately empowered groups and identities, but privileged groups must stand aside and allow for oppressed marginalized identities to decolonize these spaces through such mirthful expansion of new power dynamics.

      • Chis Marshall says

        We can not accept you paper as submitted. Please expand on how satire eliciting woke chuckles illuminates the structure of being, particularly for marginalized ontologies.

    • BillyJoe says

      Mitania TcGrath?
      Oh, I see…doesn’t quite work. As you were.

  5. xyz and such says

    Satire is a tool of heteropatriarchal colonialists. Please don’t confuse my mind and try to make me think like this – it’s marginalizing me for my cognitive disabilities.

    • Ray Andrews says

      @xyz and such

      You need a safe space XYZ, where you can retreat and play with puppies and have quiet time and play doh and coloring books, just like at our elite universities.

      • xyz and such says

        Thank you! that sounds so nice… I will also insist on getting a top grade for doing so; because *oppression*

      • TRIGGERED says

        Puppies? PUPPIES?!? Oh my god, do realize how much you just triggered me? Puppies is a slang term for breasts, and as a pre-op trans whamyn I don’t have breasts yet. How could you hurt me so much with your LITERAL VIOLENCE you fucking NAzi!!

    • Dan Flehmen says

      And what about herpetological colonialism? Brown tree snakes on Guam, bullfrogs in California, and anoles in Florida come to my woke mind.

  6. Obaro Evuarherhe says

    Ahh ‘My Struggle’ …in German… That took me a few seconds. 😀

    Thanks for your dedication Titania. Praise you. Praise be to you.

  7. Shelley Booker says

    F*ckin Wicked Brutally Brilz Titania!

    And if that’s too patriarchal forgive me for being so subjugated…

  8. Rein Visee says

    Stay constructed and let your light of internalised wokeness open the dark prisonmind of the eternaly oppressed!

  9. Benjamin Armstrong says

    The number of times I had to check to see if this was a parody from a carefully crafted satire website posing as Quillette beggars belief; this woman is a loon.

    “The right kind of censorship”!
    You fools. If you give someone a gun, you don’t get to choose who they fire at.
    And you can’t take it off them, because they can use it on you.

  10. Core Judeo-Christian Evaluatrix says

    As Quillette demonstrates, free speech is a core Judeo-Christian value.

    • Aylwin says

      I’ll thank you for not mocking. If it weren’t for the Christian dark ages keeping the flame of Greek thought lit after the collapse of the Roman empire we’d be overrun by witches, and your snide internet comments wouldn’t be possible because we’d still be using goat skin for paper.

      • Core Judeo-Christian Evaluatrix says

        I’m not mocking Christianity, which is a real thing. I’m mocking Judeo-Christianity, which is not. Anyone who uses the term “Judeo-Christian” or takes it seriously is an enemy of Christianity and of the West.

        If Christianity kept the flame of Greek thought alive, it had help from Islam, before Islam became stagnant or worse. And remember: history is not a science. Nor do Christians agree with each other.

    • Charlie says

      I think you will find it is Saxon, Angle, Jute and Friesian core value. The races from N Netherlands/Germany respected truth tellers

  11. AndrewS says

    I am weeping hot tears in anger at the oppression you have experienced, at the same time knowing my white, male tears are only a insidious form of cultural appropriation, so I carry this shame in the hope you can one day overthrow the bonds of heterocolonialist oppression of twitter.

  12. AC Harper says

    Satire like this makes you realise that in real life some Social Justice Armchair Warriors are just narcissists using SJW as a vehicle. In previous generations the vehicle might have been socialism or communism. Indeed you could argue that the reason the ‘left’ always falls apart is that it includes too many narcissists to ‘get along’.

    I’m reminded of a Larson cartoon from long ago which pictured a street with many dogs barking – but the dogs’ speech bubbles all said “Look at me! Look at me!”

    • You needed satire to realise many SJWs are narcissistic armchair warriors?

      Victim culture is all about placing the narcissist at the centre of a drama in whch they play the riole of the grievously wounded innocent struggling manfully ( :-)) on despite outrageous attacks. Take this away and SJWs would be something else entirely perhaps quite sensible.

      • AC Harper says

        It was a general you, implying that satire might enlighten people more than contrary articles that they can choose to ignore.

        You rightly mention victim culture – I’d add that narcissism is possibly a good explanation for virtue signalling too.

    • the maniacal engineer says

      wait… this was satire?

      Well that changes EVERYTHING!!!!!

  13. Daath says

    Wow. Just wow. It’s beyond disgusting to see this privileged white woman put herself on pedestal as a victim, when every day LGBTQIA people of color are lynched on social media. Being an ally doesn’t mean you aren’t responsible for personally benefiting from our sick phallocratic structures of oppression! Shame on Quillette for giving a platform to white tears.

    • Ray Andrews says


      First place in the comments so far. That’s as good as the original. Genius inspires genius.

      Claire, can we have a contest? Who can match this? Votes?

      God, it’s not over yet, the human spirit lives.

    • Dan Flehmen says

      I am forever appalled by the number of homophobic, transphobic patriarchal apologists who continue to who omit the critical ‘IA’ when discussing the beautiful spectrum of gender fluidity. SIncere thanks to Daath for xyrs au courant sensitivity and wokeness.

  14. tomoncapecod says

    Ann Coulter has met her intellectual match. I expected it to be signed Joan Rivers. Great piece!

  15. Jonathan Swift turns over in his grave and gives Titania a high five!

  16. Uthman Donfodio says

    I have long been a Male Feminist. I was heavily into the bra-burning movement back in the day but had to spend over 10 years in a Fascist Gulag because the women were “still wearing” them. Apparently “But they were White Conservative Women!” was too woke of a defense back then. Titania, you now carry the torch. Your poetry makes my man-panties dampen and glisten.

  17. Daniel Olushola says

    You are the best Titania ! Don’t let no man intimidate you into submission.

  18. Uthman Donfodio says

    I’ll have you know that Titania has gone into deep vipassana meditation while seriously contemplating Racial Transitioning. She’s already intensely prepared herself by watching nearly every episode of ‘The Jeffersons”. Also “of color” is no longer acceptable. The wokified expression is now “of the tan-to-cocoa persuasion”, or more simply: TTTTCP.

  19. Benjamin Armstrong says

    Look I read her twitter and archived tweets.
    If this is satire, I can’t tell the difference between her genuine views and a satirisation of them.

  20. Titania is amazing force of justice in the world, peacefully pushing forwards against the patriarchy with her powerful poetry, incredible force of will and the the potato peeler she keeps concealed in her bra.

  21. Benjamin Armstrong says

    Okay I get it she’s a very dedicated troll.
    But there are genuine feminists whose opinions are more extreme… I can’t tell which is which any more.

  22. It’s telling that we live in a time where you can get more than 3 or 4 sentences in and still wonder if it’s satire or not

    • Niké says

      I concur: my irony-circuitry has also been wrecked by the ongoing storm of po-mo drivel. For some, all life’s a p.a.i.n. [Poly-Acronymic-Identitarian-Narcissism]. My approach is the let ’em go: Karl Popper once wrote that he saw no need to dive in the quicksand to stab a bitter opponent already up to his neck – let them sink. But we sorely need a Dean Swift in these times…

      • Niké says

        It’s rather sad to (seemingly) ‘reply’ to your own post, but the household Spirit-of-the-Stairs has puckishly whispered that the girl (a sibling of Godfrey Elfwick?) “done good”, and that I should simply acknowledge it – I do, well done: continue to show no mercy.

        • Tome708 says

          So that’s why it said “reply” under every comment. I just learned how to use quillette comment section

          • Tome708 says

            Feels like an easy cheap way to budge in the comment line

  23. In an amusing postmodern irony in the real world “A comedian has turned down a gig at a university after being asked to sign a “behavioural agreement” first. Konstantin Kisin was warned about a “no tolerance policy” on topics including racism, sexism and transphobia.

    Eventually these progressives are going to alienate everyone. What comedian in their right mind wants to perform their comedy in front of an audience entirely intent on policing and interrogating his every joke in order to find some political incorrectness they can punch out of him.

    If a comedian wants to die on stage then this venue and audience who don’t find things funny was the perfect opportunity.

    Its getting to be a sadder and lonely world for the progressive mindset when no-one wants to talk with it or entertain it without being dragged into the theatrical dramas of offending it.

    The SJW utopia where love, comedy and all the good things in life must necessarily die to be sacrificed to a completely reductive politics which cannot think its way outside of the binary opposition of oppression and resistance which governs their perceptions of everything. It is their teachers that are actually to blame because it was they who put the ideas into their heads that power’s endless struggles of oppression and resistance was the only view of the world that was offered to them. It is an entirely inappropriate, negative and dysfunctional world view that empties and drains the world of everything positive.

    The permanently SAD is a more accurate description than SJW. They can carry on torturing themselves in the unbearable world of social reality which sadly usually ends in either extreme violence, madness or suicide. Comedy is there for a reason progressives and there are far more healthy philosophies through which you can view the world. Get a life there really is plenty on offer.

    • Area Man says

      There are already “clean” comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan & Brian Regan who have material that works in certain situations. And up-and-coming comedians who don’t have their audience are forced to adapt to G-rated venues. This ideological purity requirement for this sort of gig is just a form of that sort of sanitation and the end result will be just as you imagine it.

      The joke’s on them though, as National Lampoon beat them to the punch way back in 1991 when the created the “Comic’s Career Track” flowchart:

    • stevengregg says

      Just as the Ayatolluh Khomeini declare that there is no humor in Islam, likewise there is no humor in a socially just world.

  24. I liked the painting of Jeanne d’ Arc, and found some similarity in face expression with Titania’s, though Jeanne is looking upwards, to heaven, and Titania looking us (from behind her black glasses) straight in the face. Jeanne was burned at the stake (among other things for walking around in men’s cloths, just imagine, in her time!!), and I wonder what her fate would have been in our Twitter era, not much better, I fear.

  25. Richard says

    The best thing about intersectionality and victim ideology is that if you dig deep enough into any human being you will find they too have oppression in them. If you can’t, keep digging until you do.

  26. Barney Doran says

    Finally, a woke joke. Laughter is the best politics.

  27. If I weren’t in love with Arlene Foster, I would ask you to marry me.

  28. This website is meant for liberals, but reading the comments makes it clear that the only people reading it are conservatives of the most toxic variety. I believe there is an urgent need for editors to ensure conservatives realise they are not welcome to visit this website and express their opinions.

  29. Walter says

    This is a troll post. People who actually have the beliefs the author is presenting don’t talk that way.

    • WildCard says

      Ability to detect satire is an excellent indicator of one’s intelligence.

  30. “I always support censorship”. No need to read any further.

    • ga gamba says

      More importantly, in this relationship is censorship supporting me?

  31. Calvin Ho says

    I’m genuinely amazed that some commentors live in a world where they can’t distinguish this as satire.

    • derek says

      Claire has set up a diabolically clever scheme for testing the IQ of commenters. Some pass, some fail.

    • Area Man says

      I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, as perhaps some might be on the spectrum and less able to discern certain verbal cues.

  32. derek says

    I want some more. The was some panel where Claire Lehmann hearing about Titania being banished from Twitter said she should write for Quillette. This is great fun.

  33. This is beautiful – in a non-heteronormative, smash the patriarchy, destroy white privilege, kill ugly radio kind of way.

  34. blitz442 says

    Sorry, but right now I am playing for you the world’s smallest violin. I am a female, transgender, Black, Hispanic, southeast Asian, native American, Inuit, Harfoot person of color who sometimes identifies as a sea otter. I am also height disadvantaged, bioenergetically compromised, aesthetically challenged, and suffer from a talent deficit. So please, your so-called “struggles” make a mockery of my experience.

    Call me when YOU have experienced the humiliation and degradation of catching someone possibly looking in your general direction as you justifiably scream at and berate the cashier at Madewell for addressing you as “sir” rather than not automatically knowing your chosen pronoun of “Ze herstory Fantasia awesome”.

    • Ray Andrews says


      Third place. But it’s a field of champions.

      • blitz442 says

        @ Ray I’ll take it! As you say this is a strong group…

    • yandoodan says

      You need to read James H. Schmitz’s The Demon Breed, in which you will find giant sea otters that talk. By comparing yourself to these oppressed people you commit an act of cultural appropriation.

  35. Ignacio Andres Cruz says

    Yet more historical gaslighting from non-POC “feminists.” Everyone knows that Mandela survived less than 20 years of incarceration before he died in prison.

  36. Jeez. Where’s my calendar? I didn’t realize today was April Fool’s Day…

  37. Area Man says

    Jesus fucking Christ, how can one improve on this?

    If I had authored this piece, I’d walk away from writing knowing that otherwise it’d all be downhill from here.

    • ga gamba says

      Well, if its downhill from here, she no longer needs her twitter.

      Sad when the heroes and the legends fail to see their past glories cannot be revived.

      She should have gone out on a high note.

  38. ga gamba says

    Hold on now. It’s not as cut and dried as the author’s account portray. You need a bit a perspective on this issue and examine how this has affected me personally.

    Here I was zippity doo dooing and zippity dah daying my wonderful day when, my oh my, white Winnie escaped Stalag 13 and resumed metaphorically necklacing vulnerable communities.

    Has anyone thought of the resulting uptick in global warming and who’s going to sweep up the necklaceds’ ash? It ain’t gon’ General Butt Naked.

  39. Jen K says

    Nice… the world needs more good satire. My favorite part: “As I was quick to point out, humour is a patriarchal construct. This is why it has been so gratifying to see the success of our current wave of feminist comedians, those brave women who are subverting the genre by ensuring that it doesn’t make anyone laugh.”

  40. Andrew says

    I have been wondering for years why there aren’t parody campaigns for social justice a la church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. So ripe for parody. We just need a hyper-woke John Stuart type parody show in which the host is so tied up ze is incapable of telling the news safely because of tripping over the contradicting tenants of wokeness. The book title decision gave me the best laugh I’ve had all week( scared my dog). Amazing.

    • Area Man says

      The problem with satiring SJWs is that, as at least one other has pointed out in the comments here, sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference.

      • J.Ryall says

        True, but that was the beauty of the Colbert Report. While exaggerated, it wasn’t all that far off from some of the punditry one saw on Fox News at the time.

      • David Norman says

        Why do you think it’s a problem AM? I rather enjoy the fact that you can’t always tell whether the authors of some of these comments have been taken in or are themselves being satirical.

    • WildCard says

      Tasteful and clever satire is probably the best way to turn people away from nonsensical ideologies.

  41. Barney Doran says

    I feel I have been micro-aggressed without any trigger warning and have no safe place to go because Yale won’t admit me.

    • TRIGGERED says

      That’s what you get for being a toxic white male you fucking colonialist PIG. Now go find an intersectional victim and lick zher’s boots.

  42. Anthony Murawski says

    Being a heterosexual male,I have no right to respond to your hilarity.

  43. Anthony Murawski says

    I’m astounded that some people who responded didn’t realize that this is satire!

  44. Nelson Mandela may have had to endure 27 years in prison but at least he didn’t have to be TRIGGERED by this post!!!

  45. Zoltan Zandar says

    Lol. Her pic is Photoshopped. Is it even a real person? Also, what’s its source of income? Something like this can’t possibly have a real job.

  46. dtburgess says

    Two years ago I would have recognized this as satire immediately. Today I was at least two paragraphs in before I realized it was intentional as opposed to unintentional satire.

    Bravo, Titania! Encore!

  47. R Henry says

    “…suspension only lasted for a day, but the experience was traumatic and lasting. I now understand how Nelson Mandela felt.”

    Yes, one day off twitter is analogous to 27 years of imprisonment with hard labor.

    • @Craig I’m not sure about it being too obvious. I’m afraid that if it was less obvious by just a little then I would be puzzled. Then again, I’m woefully poor at picking up satire it seems.

  48. F.M. Harder says

    I am so very sorry that I have to second this, but, yes, it is clear Her pain IS, in fact, greater than Nelson Mandela’s. Mr. Mandela was never burnt at the stake, unlike Ms. McGrath. Instead, through his 27 mostly quiet years in prison, Mandela stood primarily for the historically male — and, so one must recognize, patriarchal — value of stoicism. His so-called suffering was not a sacrifice, but, in fact, a previously unrecognized but nevertheless classic dog-whistle to men to exercise their vulgar physical strength beneath a deception of calm. What could he possibly do? As a relatively privileged heterosexual male, we must now recognize he was merely unisectional, and always a potential traitor to justice. I wince as I confess this revelation, but it is nevertheless always cathartic to continually realize the errors in one’s continual sins, and march forward! When Ms McGrath explicitly and interminably confesses the unrecoverable ugliness of Her whiteness before Sxe is burnt to a crisp, Sxe will have advanced anew.

  49. Photoshopped Zoltan? The poor girl of the picture certainly is not, it’s a painting of a German romantic painter, I found out, a certain Hermann Stilke, never heard of, but unheimisch, with those dark clouds above. And look at the clerics, at the right, I can imagine their anguish, for, this girl had a message from Gabriel himself (or herself, or nothing of the kind, ask Peterson). And what about girl Titania ( or Tatiana? more likely!!).

  50. Titania McGrath’s ‘Woke: A Guide to Social Justice’ is a masterpiece! The best pre-order book description I’ve read since Heina Dhadabhoy’s ‘A Skeptic’s Guide to Islam’ never came out.

    • Susan says

      I just went to Amazon and typed in “Woke” and it offered an auto-fill of “A Guide to Social Justice”

  51. Holy sh*t!
    I almost took this seriously until I read the comments and figured out that it was satire.
    Good job!!
    You had the SJW-Woke pseudo language baloney down perfectly.
    I had to re-read it.
    The second time, I was laughing my ass off

    • But, Carl, why this influence of comments?? Why not just stay with the words of the essay? The message itself? Be careful, in no time you are overrun by all types of common sense, and nonsense of course!

  52. Ray Andrews says

    Well, it’s all been said above. Question: dare one even presume an edit in the presence of genius? If it were to be permitted, Titania should have a big glistening tear on her cheek. At the risk of excess … ah, but the perfection of the thing is in it’s restraint. No, I was going to suggest a slave collar, but it would be going too far.

    This lady (if I may presume!) has made herself instantly famous.

  53. Rudolf M. Petersen says

    Wow … that is great fun and deep truth in it.

  54. Loïc Hoguin says

    Glad to see that satire isn’t dead. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to identify by content only. Titania for president!

    • And I thought I was the only one who immediately picked up on Morrissey!

  55. Michael Haberler says

    great to see Quilette diversifying – cabaret needs new blood badly!

  56. Shatterface says

    If Steve Biko had tweeted with his bloodied fingers on a phone smuggled into prison up Nelson Mandela’s butt neither would have shown the dedication you have done to the cause.

  57. An Ally says

    This is so brave, I am sobbing into my Nazi Tears Tumbler.


  58. Farris says

    Someone quick get this person some crayons and a comfort puppy!

  59. BitternessisBadBusiness says

    I went to starbucks today and ordered a coldbrewed ice coffee, but they were out and i had to settle for an acrid bitter normally brewed ice coffee. They said I had to wait until ttomorrow to get what i wanted and not drink bitter coffee
    I know now how nelson mandela felt.

  60. Garrett says

    I get that some people find this funny, but it’s just not that clever, and doesn’t really seem helpful either. Mostly lazy. It’s going to be your most-read article this month and it’s going to devalue your reputation as a website/journal. Pretty bummed that this made it past the editor.

  61. DuppyConqueror says

    If I wasn’t allergic to people screaming incoherently past one another I would join Twitter and follow you.

  62. Tatiana’s book WOKE is for sale (from March 2019 onwards) on Amazon, hard cover 11.43 pnds. For satire lovers only.

  63. Asenath Waite says

    Very nice. At first I thought it was going to be another radical feminist vs. transgender article, but soon it dawned on me.

  64. X. Citoyen says

    Looks like people are finally catching on. The response to moral outrage is not counter-moral outrage, which only amplifies the outrage. Mocking works better, but only appeals to outsiders and maybe undecideds, not to insiders. On top of that, it’s easily suppressed by social media (e.g., Twitter banning the MPC meme). Satire is the right approach, but it has to be a specific kind, namely, the kind that causes bathos. In other words, the person has to be sucked in and become emotionally invested before the satirical intent becomes obvious—the deflation that occurs when the realization sets in is bathos.

    Put a few hundred Tatiana’s working the bathos line by stirring up phony outrage against fake targets and piling on with ridiculous outrage and the signal gets noisy. Now activists have to stop and think before they attack, which dissipates the energy essential to mobbings. The same goes for virtue-signaling corporations, universities, and politicians. Tatiana accuses a phony employee of writing, say, a nasty manifesto. When the corporation claims it employs no such employee, another Tatiana accuses them of covering up for him. Oh the fun you’ll have!

  65. TheSnark says

    I am so indebted to Ms McGrath. She has helped me become fully awoke.

  66. Imagine being so bad at satire that you can’t even land a decent attack on the professionally woke lol. We’re approaching SNL levels of awfulness here.

  67. This is absolutely brilliant! I suppose the reason I absolutely dig this form of humour is because it is very much like what I grew-up with in the old country. There, it had to be satire so opaque that the communist party authorities could not prove it in fact wasn’t satire at all.

  68. I have been following TMcG on twitter for a number of cycles and this poet has become my lodestar. It’s true what is said: no prophetess is appreciated until she has been deadnamed for a few generations and the wisdom of her contradictory tirades become fully mythologized by properly vetted editors. How far away can her spontaneous sainthood campaign be successfully managed by a sufficiently motivated publisher?

  69. You don’t know how many girls’ profiles I looked at before deciding to use this picture for my imaginary character “Titania McGrath.”

    • I especially liked her picture in the Guardian, Larry, sitting close to a giant cactus in colorful garden pants with that enigmatic smile of hers, ecosex with plants, hahaha!.

  70. väinö hirvelä says

    This must be poe. how can she compare herself to nelson mandela even in his own stardard he is much more like alex jones.

  71. Pappy says

    I am a healer?
    I am a dream weaver?

    I am Aquaman.
    And I now understand how Joan of Arc felt.

    I just made that up.

  72. I know this is supposed to be ‘satire’, or whatever, but I am REALLY offended by this! For this idiot to compare herself to the late, great Nelson Mandela – who was the inspiration for such beacons of hope as Colonel Gaddafi, the IRA, the PLO, FARC, ISIS, Antifa, the MPLA, and every other group of noble communist freedom fighters under the sun – is beyond the pale! I demand this article be withdrawn and ‘Titania’ deplatformed! Again.

  73. peterschaeffer says

    I thought this was a satire of wokeness at first. I thought I was being trolled. Then I read the crucial phrase and the scales of oppression fell from my eyes.

    “I took the opportunity to spend some time at a resort in Val d’Isère, where I could relax and contemplate my oppression”

    Val d’Isère? Not Zermatt? Can the patriarchy sink any lower? Forcing this noble young lady to suffer in the oppressive milieu of Val d’Isère, when she could be liberated in Zermatt? The evil deeds of the cis-gendered, transphobic, white, male, sexist, patriarchy have been painfully noted for some time. On this occasion, they have gone to far.

  74. Charles G says

    So powerful. Wow. Here I was thinking I was an avid Quillette reader / real human being – but after reading Titania’s incredibly moving and insightful thoughts, I can already feeling myself woking up. Maybe now I can have friends in the university system again.

  75. Stephen Procter says

    Ha! For a moment I thought you were being serious! It is said that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. After reading this article I disagree. Bravo!

  76. Let me blow a little sunshine where, well, the sun don’t shine:

    It is such a pleasure to be on a Website where real satire is picked up instantly AS satire by nearly everybody.

  77. Susan says

    I never joined Twitter but have joined @Parler which is being populated with many Twitter deportees. I would love to see her satire on this site.

  78. Jaiden says

    Fun fact Stevonnie. Intersectionality doesn’t work. Muslims hate the homosexuals, and are more than willing to throw them of buildings.

  79. Tempe Laver says

    I think the point is that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for reasoned, intelligent people to spot the difference between satire (joke) and a true essay. That is what is interesting. We have had a diet fed to us for so long from the woke crew that we can’t discern when someone is ridiculing it. Maybe time to change our diet.

  80. Antisocial-Injustice-Warrior says

    “In my absence from Twitter, I took the opportunity to spend some time at a resort in Val d’Isère, where I could relax and contemplate my oppression.”


  81. Erica from the West Village says

    If this as intended as click bait, congratulations Quilette, you’ve achieved your goal.

    If not, you will need to impose some journalistic standards before turning over your platform to a young lady who needs mental health, not a platform to spout off on her personal issues.

    Try better next time, or you will lose me as a reader.

  82. PaulNu says

    It’s scary how long it took me to be sure this was satire. Tone it down about 20% and you could get it published as a serious op-ed in the New York Times.

  83. Sneed Urn says

    As an elite bluecollar Transgenerational Black white-supremicist multisexual momdad pan-Abrahamist atheist zero-dimensional intersectionalist and progressive very stable genius I find there are no safe spaces. Not even here on Quillette.

  84. Doc Bob says

    Please tell me that the article, and most of the comments, are parodies.

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  86. dtburgess says

    Sorry to burst your bubbles, commenters, but this is not satire. Titty McGrath and I go way back, and I assure you she is very serious.

  87. Kauf Buch says

    Brilliant satire on twitter…glad you’re back, girl ! (oh my)

    • Girl, Kauf, are you sure she(he) is one?? I’m not so sure!

      • Kauf Buch says

        YES, dirk, I *dare* to “assume her gender”!!!
        Call the Cultural Thought Police! 😛

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  89. Killer Marmot says

    Vive la resistance! We are all brothers sisters beings in arms. May the wind always be up your back.

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  92. Satire and sarcasm are anti-communication. They are passive aggressive, simultaneously patronizing and weak. If one has something worth saying and particularly if one wishes to be taken seriously, not to mention preferring that the reader/listener not misunderstand one should say or write what one means. Or do you not want meaningful conversation and resolution on anything?

    • PaulNu says

      Please link to where you call out people you agree with for this sort of thing.

    • J. Matlock says

      Don’t tell that to Jonathan Swift – or to about half of the people commenting on this article, who seem to be taking it seriously.

  93. mjazzguitar says

    South africa will be a lot more productive when they run the farms without white interference.

    • martti_s says

      The overweight problem will be solved and the epidemic of tope two diabetes will wane.
      This probably is a good thing.

    • Same thing in Zimbabwe, mjazz? All those white farmers there on their tractors and combines, and the blacks with a hoe (and 2 wives), but without land. What to do in Africa? The Chinese have few problems with that question, not like us, the old colonizers.

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  95. roland ji says

    As satire, I have seen better. It is a difficult task and this is not good enough.
    But at least, one can easily that Titiana’s photo is constructed. It could even be de-constructed.

  96. martti_s says

    You need to read Titania’s poetry to appreciate their (ze’s?) real talent.
    They are the most satisfying, mystical, revealing and resounding pieces of literature I have read for quite a while. I have read many books!

  97. Kris Dyer says

    oh…I get it! Just not sure of the point since it’s not April 1st.

  98. Charlie says

    Brilliant; it combines Swift with Monty Python and a dash of Peter Cooke

  99. horsewithnoname says

    “Don’t get me wrong. I have always supported censorship.”

    actual lol moment.
    thx 🙂

  100. Dottora says

    What an incredible BS. A wonderful example of someone with no constructive goal in life than to molest others. To feel as victim – as if you would not have BIG chances in the US. How dare you to compare yourself to Nelson Mandela – for having lost a day of Twitter? How tiny and whiny is your mental horizon, and how whiny can the left become, in the US? Start living on hard bread and in a prison for a few years, and maybe then grow up and get your own life in order, and then the ones of your family – before you criticize anyone. Go and so some weight lifting, and try to lift your own spirits to a REAL goal for YOUR life – NO ONE has sent you.

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