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Headline Rhymes

Once, the butler did it under the parlour chandelier

Now it’s murder by bad-wording inside the Twittersphere 

Views on the news, delivered in twos. This week’s inspired by:

I Sold My Soul to Twitter. Now I’m Trying to Buy It Back

I Was the Mob Until the Mob Came for Me

Do you have a Headline Rhyme? Take a stab in the Comments. Please try for PG 13. 

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    • Graham says

      Excellent! Now how did you come across this page when we haven’t linked it yet? 🙂

      • Cerastes says

        Popped up in my RSS feed (feedly).

        Don’t worry, it happens with scientific journals too.

  1. Jay Baldwin says

    History is the present.
    Many find cause to resent it.
    “Fine,” sez I, “but be not blind,
    the future is the present.”

    • Graham Verdon says

      Fantastic! Thanks! Nice work here on the inaugural running of the bull that is Headline Rhymes!

  2. Howard Nelson says

    What we call false news,
    Brits call loos wall views.

  3. X. Citoyen says

    Real art causes offense?
    Who posed something so dense?
    Bach is the greatest
    A relaxacious playlist
    Tell Scorgie to get ‘im some sense!

    • Graham Verdon says

      Thrilled that we got some great work here on the first Headline Rhymes. It might mean we even do it again! 😉 Thanks!

  4. Stromboli says

    What… another one of these posts I don’t understand. What’s this weird headline rhyme thing?

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