Best of the Web, 26 November 2017

Best of the Web, 26 November 2017

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Education – Lindsay Shepherd and Wilfrid Laurier
University, Heal Thyself Editorial, Globe and Mail

Lindsay Shepherd and the Potential for Heterodoxy at Wilfrid Laurier University Raffi Grinberg, Heterodox Academy

The Radical Left’s Apologia for Evil
The Charles Manson Fallacy Paul Berman, Tablet

The West’s Leftist Male ‘Intellectuals’ Who Traffic in Genocide Denial, From Srebrenica to Syria Oz Katerji, Ha’aretz

Genocide-Denying Charlatans Have Poisoned the Left Oliver Kamm, CapX

Sexual Assault Crisis
#MeToo and the Criminalisation of Sexual Passion Josie Appleton, Notes on Freedom

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