1. George McHugh says

    Thank you for the podcast. What happened to you is terrible. As I listened to it, I thought of the book of Job in the Bible, of when terrible things happen to good men. I admire you for surviving. God bless you !

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  3. bumble bee says

    So an upper crust journalist is getting the same treatment as millions of other people. While I can sympathize, it is rather sad that it takes someone such as the speaker to start getting irritated for this social bullying to get a voice. Social media goon squads have been terrorizing people for about five years now. They are the number one reason the dems continue to fail, but they are so frozen in fear they do nothing about it. So the goon squads continue.

    The only way I can see to minimize their ability to bully is to either just get off social media thereby denying them a platform, or keep your profile private. What really bothers me the most about this phenomenon is that so many people in positions of power allow these bullies to get what they want, the destruction of another person’s life.

    I think if we want to reclaim decent civil society, ending the reign of these good squads is desperately needed.

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