Headline Rhymes

If there’s anything to learn from the report by Mueller
Whether you’re on the blue team, red team or another:

If your news comes from just a couple of mainstream sources
You’ll keep getting hoodwinked by a couple of mainstream forces

We tell our kids, never believe everything you hear
Then gorge on social media till our senses disappear

It’s okay to stay bubble-wrapped for the sake of mental health
But then consider keeping the propaganda to yourself

Views on the news, delivered so smooth. This week’s inspired by:

News, Pre-News, Fake News, and Statistics

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  1. Sydney says

    I’m a bit behind, but this is still current…

    Islam wants to have its cake,
    and to eat it, too

    Mosques are halls for peace and prayer,
    except when they’re fronts for CAIR

  2. Sydney says

    Fake news has always been with us
    Conspiracy theory has always been hip

    Twas a breath of fresh air when Alex Jones
    Admitted to being in psychosis’s grip

  3. Sydney says

    Shapiro is 21st-century on some things
    but completely backwards on others

    He’s identical to purveyors of Islam’s Sharia
    Forcing all pregnant females to become mothers

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