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Headline Rhymes

Pulling Jordan Peterson’s book off the rack
In the wake of the New Zealand mosque attack

Is like banning the Don’t Look Back in Anger song
After the Manchester concert bomb

“12 Rules” is a balm to calm the dangers
That might drive one to kill innocent strangers

The next time a terrorist act hits
Might they ban the Ten Commandments?

Views on the news, delivered so smooth.

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  1. Eurocrat says

    A girl from Oxfordshire

    She was not pretty
    So I took a pity
    But she kept asking
    Other men
    The same question
    Again and again
    Personally, I thought no way
    No mens no, but she just May

  2. CarterJ says

    When reading headlines couplet rhymes,
    It seemed a bit telling of the times

    That New Zealand found books they thought to ban
    Jordan Peterson… but not the Koran?

  3. Brent Rogers says

    Ban the Koran and ban the bomb. Then ban Netflix and ban old King Kong. Ban democracy and ban all religion. Ban the copycat who takes the lives of innocents. Tuck yourself in to a group mentality. See nothing but general ideas and knee-jerk reactions. Don’t consider the issues, just click bait and run. Social media morons have no other fun.

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