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Britain’s Grooming Gang Crisis

The scale of the street grooming crisis in the UK almost defies belief. Hundreds of girls and young women were raped in the city of Rotherham, and hundreds by similar exploitation rings in Rochdale, Peterborough, Newcastle, Oxford, and Bristol. Now, up to a thousand girls are thought to have been drugged, raped, and beaten in Telford between the 1980s and the 2010s.

This is, of course, a highly emotive subject. How could it not be? Yet if the phenomenon is to be understood it is important to evaluate the data objectively. Otherwise we have a lot of heat and little light.

Responses to the crisis are contentious because most of the perpetrators are British Asians; specifically British Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Child abuse is not uniquely or largely a problem of particular demographics but grooming gangs – that is, multiple offenders exploiting women they have met, manipulated, and abused outside their homes – are 84 percent Asian, and this does not mean Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Indonesian (other perpetrators have been Somali, Romani, Kosovan, Kurdish, and white British.)

To some extent, this fact has been influenced by the disproportionate amount of British Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who make their living in the night-time economy, driving taxi cabs and working in restaurants, which gave the perpetrators access to girls, and hours away from home. This is not the sole factor, though, as other nations with significant night-time economies do not have comparable street grooming crises.

Some have pointed the finger at Islam. I support the criticism of Islamic texts where appropriate but think this factor can be over-egged. Quite apart from being abusively adulterous, these criminals drank, did drugs, and made their victims have abortions. These were not, in other words, devout Muslim men. Yet Taj Hargey of the Oxford Islamic Congregation has observed that “the view of some Islamic preachers towards white women” and “an attitude where women are seen as nothing more than personal property” might have been contributing factors in the stew of thought processes that characterised these men, along with provincial machismo, clannish contempt, and degenerate sexual appetites.

Most of the victims have been white girls, but not all. The Independent Inquiry Into Child Sex Exploitation in Rotherham – popularly known as the Jay Report and published in August 2014 – discovered that:

Asian girls were being sexually exploited where authorities were failing to identify or support them. They were most vulnerable to men from their own communities who manipulated cultural norms to prevent them from reporting their abuse.

Traditional views of honour and purity, the report goes on to say, at least enabled these crimes:

The Home Affairs Select Committee quoted witnesses saying that cases of Asian men grooming Asian girls did not come to light because victims “are often alienated and ostracised by their own families and by the whole community, if they go public with allegations of abuse.”

This illuminates a deep and toxic seam of cultural misogyny, but it also proves that race is not a fundamental criterion behind the selection of victims. It is, on the other hand, a significant factor. “White women,” one rapist was reported to have said, “are good only for people like me to use as trash.” “All white girls are good for is sex,” another told his victim, “and they are just slags.” Lord Macdonald, a Liberal Democrat peer and former Director of Public Prosecutions, has called the perpetrators “profoundly racist” against white women.

Also controversial is the gross negligence of the authorities regarding these crimes. The negligence itself is not at issue, but the motive is. It is alleged that social workers, police officers, and politicians ignored these crimes for fear of being accused of racism. Allison Pearson, for example, wrote for the Telegraph:

Gang members…exploit the fact that police, newly trained in “cultural sensitivity” are terrified of being accused of racism. So the pimps operate with impunity…

It is reductive to suggest that the fear of seeming racist was the sole cause of official negligence. There was also a class element. The Jay Report documented the troubled backgrounds of most of the victims of the grooming as follows:

The majority of children whose files we read had multiple reported missing episodes. Addiction and mental health emerged as common themes in the files. Almost 50 percent of children who were sexually exploited or at risk had misused alcohol or other substances (this was typically part of the grooming process), a third had mental health problems (again, often as a result of abuse) and two thirds had emotional health difficulties. There were issues of parental addiction in 20 percent of cases and parental mental health issues in over a third of cases.

The Jay Report details credible accusations that police officers failed to intervene because “[the] attitude … at that time seemed to be that they were all ‘undesirables’ and the young women were not worthy of police protection.” Victims were repeatedly thought to have been prostitutes; as, it is alleged, were the young women in Telford. Moreover, inefficient, poorly prepared, and underfunded social care institutions were ill-equipped to identify and prevent abuse. The Jay Report, among other inquiries, has led to significant reforms of their procedures that one hopes will be effective, and Conservatives should take this as long overdue encouragement to be attentive to the struggles of the underclass.

Nonetheless, “cultural sensitivity” was a factor. There was “a general nervousness in the earlier years about discussing [the backgrounds of the perpetrators], for fear of being thought racist.” The Deputy Council Leader, in avoiding the subject, “was at best naïve, and at worst ignoring a politically inconvenient truth.”

Society at large failed to give the crisis the attention it amply deserved and this had much to do with political convenience. Fifteen years ago, in 2003, Ann Cryer, then Labour MP for Bradford, reported that Asian men were abusing girls. A profile in the Yorkshire Post reveals that she was “ridiculed, branded a racist, a liar and a fantasist [and] forced to install a panic button in her own home.” More than a decade on, in 2017, Labour MP Sarah Champion wrote an article for a British tabloid which included the line, “These people are predators and the common denominator is their ethnic heritage.” Ms Champion soon resigned from the Labour front bench as her colleagues called her “incendiary and irresponsible.” Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader, said:

We are not going to blame any particular group or demonise any particular group. The issue is one of safety of individuals.

If someone were to observe that most of the perpetrators of sexual abuse are men it is difficult to imagine Mr Corbyn charging them with blaming or demonising a particular group. Yet somehow the fear of being offensive or provocative, or of discouraging enthusiasm for the multicultural project, has led leftists and liberals away from the subject.

Libby Brooks, a Guardian columnist, wrote in 2011 that the Times, which was reporting on the grooming gangs, should ask itself “how responsible it is to provide ammunition to the violent racist extremists.” Three years later, Andrew Norfolk of the Times was named Journalist of the Year at the British Press Awards for his integral role in exposing years of abuse. Ms Brooks still writes on matters such as “sexist behaviour online” but, as far as I can tell, she has never returned to the subject of grooming gangs.

Brooks’s Guardian colleague Laurie Penny, meanwhile, took umbrage at “the language of feminism [being] co-opted by Islamophobes,” and she announced her refusal to make “aggressive distinctions between nice, safe Western sexism and scary, heathen Muslim sexism.” One assumes her fear that “horror stories about Muslim misogyny [are] used by Western patriarchs to justify imperialism abroad and sexism at home” prevents her from appreciating that she could have written the same columns about sexism in tech, sexism on social media, sexism in Parliament, and sexism in weightlifting while also giving appropriate attention to the hundreds of girls being raped by people who think they are “slags” and “trash,” enabled by people who think that being raped is just cause for ostracisation.

It is important to be clear that many people did speak out and are speaking out. These include MPs like Ms Cryer, journalists like Mr Norfolk, and prominent British Muslims like Yasmin Alibhai Brown, Mohammed Shafiq, and Nazir Afzal. Nevertheless, it would be ludicrous to claim that Britain’s media and political classes have been attentive enough, given the enormous gravity of what has transpired.

We cannot cure an illness before we have understood it. It is therefore important to be careful and nuanced. But I empathise with the frustration of those whose blood will boil on seeing those words. Like terrorism, this is a phenomenon that would not have existed on a comparable scale if not for the unprecedented top-down cosmopolitanism encouraged by the same political and media classes who now tactfully look the other way. Nuance was not a priority while that process was taking place, which is why its architects were tragically and appallingly unprepared to deal with its complications.


Ben Sixsmith is an English writer living in Poland. Visit his website here and follow him on Twitter @BDSixsmith

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  1. Robin says

    British Pakistanis love playing the victim, when they’re the actual racists.

  2. Cristina Cook says

    If it were a white grooming gang, all the liberal media outlets would be writing dozens of articles and all guns blazing on white people. But when its Muslims who are perpetraters, liberal media dissapears into silence.

    • ronehjr says

      If English men were not so weak, not only would this not be happening, they would not have let their nation be invaded.

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  4. No hyperbole, no downplaying, no narrative spun so far as I can perceive. I am deeply appreciative of your carefully worded, nuanced, and objective analysis of this issue Ben. Congratulations, this is my go-to article in explaining this tragedy to others.

    • MadKangaroo says

      Actually, I think the author is a bit soft on Islam. According to the Koran and Hadith, non-Muslim women are all the property of Muslim men, they are of Dar Al-Harb (the House of War), and thus captives (“women of the right hand”) who can be treated as one wishes. That includes rape, concubinage, and aborting of children they conceive as a result. Also, the use of alcohol is not totally forbidden, there are Hadith in which Muhammad even serves or drinks liquor.

      Islam is VERY much a driver for the behavior of these monsters.

  5. 1. Quite apart from being abusively adulterous, these criminals drank, did drugs, and made their victims have abortions. These were not, in other words, devout Muslim men

    Jinnah ate pork and drank alcohol yet he created Pakistan. Not being devoted in one area does not preclude you from advancing other Islamic obligations.

    2. Asian girls were being sexually exploited where authorities were failing to identify or support them. They were most vulnerable to men from their own communities who manipulated cultural norms to prevent them from reporting their abuse.

    What type of Asian? Hindu and Sikh? Or Muslim. If it’s the former then we can safely blame Islam. If it’s the former then no.

    • Mostly sikh girls, in the beginning, from what I know about this tragedy. Then mostly white girls for years and years.

      • Stanley Racine says

        “Tragedy” isn’t the right term for this.

        Instead, “vile Islamic crime” and hyper-gutless authorities” are the relevant concepts.

    • Jay Salhi says

      While I agree with your point 1 generally, Jinnah is not a good example because he was not a believer at all. He was an agnostic with a secular vision. Pakistan became an Islamic Republic after his death and he would be horrified by the state of the country today.

  6. Darwin T of BC Humanists says

    Societal Suicide or Cowardice. Choose your own epithet. If this is going on in the UK, what the hell else is? Forced conversions to Islam? FGM on a massive scale ? LGBTQ bashing by gangs? Weapons smuggling for jihad terror attacks? The British mainstream media are proving to be a gaggle of layabouts. Every aspect of their work is now suspect, although they cover the royals and their sycophants very well.

  7. Anj says

    “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside … without cover, and the cats come to eat it … whose fault is it, the cats’ or the uncovered meat’s? The uncovered meat is the problem. If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab [the headdress worn by some Muslim women], no problem would have occurred.”
    – Sheik Taj Al Hilali, Senior Muslim Cleric to 500 worshippers in Sydney September 2006

    • Dear Sir You and your ilk may be wild animals but we are not. Comparing young children to uncovered meat shows what terrible savages you really are. We do not believe we have the right to touch another let alone rape and murder. You are sick, sick , sick.

  8. Vincent says

    Sometimes the truth of the matter isn’t nuanced or a mean, medium or mode calculated average of views. This Koranic-inspired mass rape of vulnerable young white, Hindu and Sikh girls is wrong.

    The author has willfully ignored basic good journalism by pretending that the (British-)Pakistani perpetrators do not discriminate and are just as likely to rape Muslim girls. Very disappointingly researched article that condones polite society’s ongoing tolerance of these crimes.

    • “Most of the victims have been white girls… [race] has been a significant factor.”

      How did you read this and conclude I was denying that white girls are discriminated against? Of course I agree with that. But I think it’s dumb to say that Muslim men would not rape Muslim girls or we would expect to see Muslim countries have low rates of rape when the opposite is often true.

        • burns says

          betina. Your invective is dangerously simplistic. The article is clearly nuanced precisely to avoid that kind fallacious reductionism. The question is: To what extent do the cultural values and norms within both the British-Pakistani and White British communities, in their differing manifestations, act as contributing factors for enabling criminal group exploitation of vulnerable girls? The question is clearly potentially incendiary in nature. Which is why no one has wanted to ask it, and why so many girls lives have been destroyed.

          • Craig Willms says

            What? How much more simplistic does the whole affair need to be when the authorities do nothing out of fear being called ‘racist’. The authorities wouldn’t be called racist if it were Frenchmen perpetrating these crimes! Sometimes it is simple – there is absolutely nothing nuanced or even slightly complicated about this atrocity. Where are (white) British fathers? How could you let this happen to your daughters?

  9. Sea otter millionaire says

    This essay is a heroic attempt to make sense of something awful. And the author is a rare talent, from what I’ve read of his work here and elsewhere. But I feel that the essay ultimately fails; it feels insufficient to the scale of the horror.

    Maybe it succeeds in illustrating the limits of the usual explanations. Race, class, and (toxic) masculinity contribute but are insufficient. Political correctness is part of the problem. Religion is a factor.

    I think what happened in Telford and the other English towns and cities is evil. Try to imagine the lies the perpetrators, government officials, and even the residents would have to believe to allow this to happen. Without a belief system that includes evil, these events are incomprehensible.

    • Thank you. That is kind.

      Yes I agree that there are deeper depths of evil than I plumbed here. Perhaps I thought the crimes would convey that by themselves.

  10. ga gamba says

    These were not, in other words, devout Muslim men.

    OK, so they weren’t devout. It seems to me people who make this argument are making mountains out of molehills.

    What do we know? They targeted white girls and non-Muslim Asians. Victims came forward and gave testimony in court.

    Why won’t some take the rapists’ word at face value? “You white people train them in sex and drinking,” one of the accused men told the jury during the trial, “so when they come to us they are fully trained.”

    The Home Affairs Select Committee quoted witnesses saying that cases of Asian men grooming Asian girls did not come to light because victims “are often alienated and ostracised by their own families and by the whole community, if they go public with allegations of abuse.”

    OK, let’s think about this for a moment. If Asian Muslim girls are more predisposed to silence due to the aforementioned reasons, it seems to me that this would make them the preferred target. Lower likelihood of the rapists being exposed, right? And since the rapists came from the same community, they would certainly know of this predisposition. Were Muslim girls the target of choice? There’s no evidence of it. Yes, we have claims by advocacy groups, but claims are merely that. Stacked up against actual accusers who came forward, court testimony, physical evidence, eye-witness testimony, and the rapists’ own statements, the Muslim-girls-too claims pale in comparison. I understand why the Muslim-girls-were-targeted-too rationalisation appeals to some; they think it gets Muslims off the hook; the speakers of this assertion then may use accusations of “racism” and “Islamophobia” to silence critics and cynically try to redirect the discussion off of Muslims and on to “racist Britain.”

    Amongst progressive pundits, advocacy groups, and activist journalists there is this idea of “speaking truth to power”. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But it has a glaring blind spot. These speakers of truth have in their noggins the idea of a pecking order of the powerful and the powerless – the progressive stack. We’d think girls are powerless vice adult men, but in those same noggins ot the truth-to-power speakers there exists the more potent power of race (and by progressives the conflation of Muslims to a race). In the intersection of age, race, religion, and gender one vehicle gets the right of way. Thus, minor white non-Muslim girls are the power by virtue of their race and religion (even if they’re non religious). The way to fix this is to speak truth to abuse and to recognise abuse exists across all dimensions where it isn’t bound exclusively to the same dichotomy of power-powerless progressives have in mind. Then resist all attempts by progressives to redefine it to something cockamamie and nonsensical.

  11. Softclocks says

    When will British men and women rise up?

    Your children are being raped by the thousands??

    I don’t know which is worse, the cowardice of the authorities, the audacity of the muslim perpetrators or the impotence of the British response.

    Stuff like this shakes me to the very core.

  12. Tim says

    Why the term “Asians” is being used time and again. I also once read BBC article which time and again used the term “asians”, rather than being specific about it. It is like blaming the whole continent for it. It isn’t like rapist were Japanese/Koreans/Thai/Burmese/Vietanamese/Chinese/Indian/Malaysian/Sri-Lankan.The rapist came specifically from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Kosovo, Romania. Let’s be first clear on this first!

      • Tim says

        Oh no! The rant was basically meant at the BBC, and the Times (even though I acknowledge that this is Quillette). In the initial paragraph you mentioned that they were Asians (which ticked me off); however, later-on you made it clear. Thanks.

    • ga gamba says

      Why the term “Asians” is being used time and again

      I suspect you’re reading the article with North American eyes. You have to understand the British context; Asians are those from South Asia. Britain has a negligible number of Southeast Asians such as Thais and Filipinos. The other large Asian community is Chinese (mostly Hong Kong Chinese), which are called that or are grouped with East Asians.

      In the UK the acronym BAME (black, Asian, minority ethnic) prevails, covering all these people who don’t have British ethnic heritage. The minority ethnic group includes Arabs, Turks, Roma, and Irish Travelers, but not other white ethnic minorities like Poles, Germans, etc.

      • Rename says

        South Asia also contains Indians who don’t have any relation with any crime anywhere in the world. So be specific about the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis

  13. Jeff York says

    A good article that highlights an issue that needs all the attention that it can get. I realize that America has all kinds of serious dysfunction going on right now some of which, like suppression of free speech and racism against whites is applauded by many, and some of which, like the rash of mass-shootings is understandably viewed with horror. (I support the right of responsible, law-abiding citizens to keep & bear arms).

    That said, I’ve been flabbergasted by this industrial-scale mass-rape of minors ever since I first heard about Rotherham and the Orwellian-extreme to which it’s been swept under the rug by the authorities. Untold thousands of girls systematically & repeatedly raped and everyone “tut-tuting” about it and otherwise making excuses—how is this possible?? And I’ve read numerous articles that describe *the* *girls* *themselves* being arrested and sometimes their fathers when they try to do something about it. (!!!) Yes of course, in America there’s a certain amount of pedophilia and “sex-trafficking” but it’s mostly individuals preying on individuals, and when it’s discovered it’s dealt with. I’ll be blunt, in America any attempt to “industrialize” it would end with lots of imprisoned and even dead “groomers.”

    Western Civilization continues it’s downward spiral and most of us seem to be standing around wringing our hands. I guess I’m guilty to some extent although my wife & I, for all our faults, raised our sons well and they have none of these out-and-out insane Leftist attitudes.

    • Charleen Larson says

      Jeff York asks, “How is this possible?”

      It becomes possible in a society where the elites must continue to feel good about themselves and their progressive attitudes, even if that means the most vulnerable will be preyed upon and their lives ruined. Those who threaten the serenity of the enlightened with brutal truths will be shouted down, punished administratively or simply ignored.

  14. DiscoveredJoys says

    I don’t think we are getting closer to any solution. Calling industrial-scale mass-rape of minors ‘grooming’ has the unfortunate effect of softening the apparent illegality, it sounds almost educational. Call it gang-rape or enslaving children or brutalising children, then people might not be quite so willing to let such news slide by.

    • I have seen this point enough to be more convinced that it’s compelling. To me, “grooming” is a nauseating word but perhaps there should be a more powerful one.

  15. The article was very carefully and precisely worded. I wish all discussions of race/hate crimes were as well worded.

  16. Andrew says

    The media are all over the #metoo movement but the silence concerning this is mind blowing but not surprising. The Police are under fire for saying in a memo that the ‘sex was consensual’. Don’t expect this to go anywhere as Rotherham is all but forgotten about or only mentioned in vague terms. No-one in power wants this in the news for long so will be, egregiously, forgotten.

  17. william blaxton says

    A couple of empirical questions.

    1) What percentage of the criminal gangs were from countries where Islam is the the dominant religion, and specifically Pakistan and Bangladesh? 95%? 99%? We have multiple statements from individual criminals that they specifically targeted white girls.

    2) What percentage of the victims were white girls? 95%? 99%?

    I haven’t seen exact figures, but this seems to be the situation, based on inference from the relatively meager news coverage. Maybe it’s inaccurate. In the US, when the fbi has targeted and disrupted criminal gangs, there is has been an explicit attempt to understand the gang’s culture. In this story, Corbyn and many other “leaders” have told us we can’t focus on culture, as that would be racist.

    Back to percentages. If those numbers are accurate, and the races were reversed, this would be the biggest story of the decade, and the NYT, wapo, and all the left leaning clickbait outlets (slate, salon, vox, huffpo) would be screaming “white supremacy patriarchy” for years, while hollywood stars would virtue signal about this at every public appearance. Vox would produce a much hyped documentary highlighting the racial aspect of the crimes, and how this racial aspect was ignored by the racist power structures of the media, the police, and the government.

    But in the sacred pyramid of Intersectionality, immigrant muslim men rank higher than lower class white girls. If this story gets too much attention, then it could stoke anti-Islamic attitudes. And if thousands of young lower class girls need to be sacrificed on the multicult altar, that’s a price that many in the West are willing to pay.

    • Why does it come across as an apology? If you are going to claim that someone is apologising for the rape, beating and murder of young girls you had better have an argument to back it up.

  18. Really good article. Very difficult to have an open and honest discussion about anything that involves race, gender or religion these days.

  19. Adam Main says

    I would just like to take the time to echo the sentiment that the article was astonishingly well worded and carefully written. I think you read a piece like this every once in a while that can shake you to the core, but it doesn’t happen without writers as skilled as yourself.

    Thank you.

  20. Bluejay says

    The only difference between Muslims who commit these crimes and those Muslims who haven’t is like the difference between popcorn that has popped and the kernels that have not popped. The popcorn (Islam) is all the same but some just have not popped yet but all believe the same.

  21. Alex says

    Classism was an undeniable factor in the abuse, allowing it to last for so long, unchecked. It’s no surprise, British society has been battling with a dormant class warfare since the industrial revolution, which makes the logistics of this horrible story not fundamentally different from Oliver Twist.

    That being said, I’m disappointed the author does such a poor job at investigating the nature of Islam, and proceeds with a sort of arbitration/even handed approach. The only outcome from such inclination is soft-totalitarianism, where the government investigates pre-crime thoughts. There’s no litmus test to decide who walked outside of whichever demarcation line the author has drawn.

    Avoiding a cold hard look on Islam, is a theological error. Unless education is of no importance, one must look into the islamic fantasy of Paradise, how this affects young men raised in the idea that The Heavens are a place where “women have white skin, full breast and libidinous vaginas, and men perpetual erection”. For a good measure, the Hadiths also indicate (not 100% reliable) that they are possibly non-defecating and childfree, just in case.

    Which brings us to how rotten western civilisation has become.

    The Christian church helps Islam take root, purchasing a tolerance certificate in the process, despite the theological threat that Islam represents. Christians all too happy to retreat in their middle-ages ideology, oblivious of the abominations that Church and State have produced. Businesses import unskilled workers from muslim countries, while Islam’s economics is essentially facist (private property under full Government control, with arbitrary redistribution). Feminists praise Islam as their new ally, while Islam makes women perpetual minors. Members of Parliament commend Shariah law, while Sharia is immune to public scrutiny. And finally, journalists pontificate on whatever the theme ‘du jour’ is, with purity certificates or apostasy bulletins for the taking. Meanwhile, the facist is content to find a path between a community he can despise, and a skin colour he’s always hated.

    Democracy is now a business, a transaction, driven by a cost/benefit strategy. No wonder the plight of those girls got unreported. How many vested interest were behind this abysmal failure of the state, even looking from afar?

    Islam is a uniquely malevolent ideology, permeating a uniquely rotten civilisation. We, the west, are now the sum of the moral bankruptcy of Athens, the morbid obesity of Rome, assaulted by barbarians in the North, ruined by years of pointless wars in the south. What we praise as today’s achievements is nothing more than an apogee, the apex of a curve as its main object slows down. It’s what so many great men produced at such enormous personal costs, but really nothing of our own.

    If I were a woman, I’d go absolutely berserk. The cowardice of men, including those who serve platitude like “We cannot cure an illness before we have understood it” is nothing short of amazing, the sort of politically correct step after ‘they will not divide us’ has failed.

    It’s like there’s no end to it. Each and every time, we’re told another reason not to use our brain. The last courageous man was Christopher Hitchens. Why, Why is the author not even capable to stand on his shoulders, and show the same defiance?

    • Christopher Hitchens was a pro-immigration writer who believed that invading Iraq and elsewhere would convert the Arabic world to liberal democracy so I am baffled as to why it would be a bold anti-establishment move to ape him.

      You write about my “cowardice” without using your full name. Interesting. But regardless, I wrote what I believe, not what I thought would be palatable. For all the ills of Islam – and I believe there are ills, in its religiously mandated incuriosity; imperialist elements and totalistic impulses – I do not believe it is the sole cause of this criminal behaviour. Do you believe that if Pakistanis lost belief in Allah overnight their culture would lose all of its misogynistic and clannish elements? Nonsense.

      To draw a comparison, I think Islam is a factor behind FGM but it is not *the* factor. It predates it, and is practiced by many African men and women who not Muslims. For all the problems of Islam, it is reductive to reduce everything obnoxious about a culture to its teachings.

      • Alex says

        Hitchens isn’t a Messiah, one can cogently agree with some of his views while disagreeing with others. I was referring to his total lack of allegiance, which made him free.

        I’m not sure how to write an answer to your diatribe. It’s like a salad of logical fallacies, straw man (Hitchens was a globalist), my all time fave “appeal to incredulity” (I can’t believe this is true, so it’s not true), a tad xenophobic ad hominem (Pakistanis have a deeper problem than Islam), false analogy (FGM), and division (Islam is bad enough, but not that bad). You need some serious help.

        Since you know everything about Islam, I want to remind you that it has no concept of original sin, therefore, the path to redemption was replaced by purity and honour. In this regards, Shariah – that is the path to righteousness – is very clear, FGM is considered as ‘honourable practice’, but not mandatory. It’s up to the believer to make a decision, a standard islamic procedure when the scriptures are inconclusive.

        Now, try to figure out what happens when the whole neighbourhood has subjected their daughters to infibulation, and yours will be deemed ‘unclean’ because you decided not to. Good luck finding her a husband, she’s a de facto social pariah. The moment Islamic scholars decided “your circumcised daughter will be cleaner but do what you want”, they legitimised despicable practises, and made Islam, as a set of idea, entirely responsible.

        You could argue ‘but that’s a man made decision’ why not officially taking a stand against it? Because if scholars were to do so, they’d add human provisions into a law that is claimed divine, and therefore, would open it to human scrutiny (making it no longer divine). The nature of Islam makes it impossible to prohibit FGM on religious grounds.

        Before you come back with ‘but you’re insulting the religion of 1.6 billion people!’, uh? No I’m not, I’m actually reading shahi Haddiths, Quran verses, and asking myself, how a believer is compelled to act when the will of his God is made clear. I’m also reading Shariah law, which nature is divine, and try to understand how and when it conflicts with European law.

        And I see an absolute abomination. Something that could be quickly summarised by “The problem isn’t what Islam does to normal people, it’s what it allows deeply amoral individuals to do, all the while claiming undisputed divine approval.”

        You’re exactly as I described you. Sad.

        • It’s like a salad of logical fallacies, straw man (Hitchens was a globalist)…

          Hitchens was an internationalist. He supported mass immigration and the spread of liberal democracy, by force if there were no other available options. (I would not apply the term “globalist” because people tend to associate that with free market economics, which he did not accept.)

          …a tad xenophobic ad hominem (Pakistanis have a deeper problem than Islam)…

          No, it’s actually true. It’s bizarre to think that *all* (rather than *many*) of the problems of the region are the result of Islam. Madhya Pradesh has the highest proportion of rape in India and is 90% Hindu.

          You need some serious help.

          I suspect that accusations of mental illness tend to come from sadder and more troubled people than the average person.

          The nature of Islam makes it impossible to prohibit FGM on religious grounds.

          How much of your time did you waste by misunderstanding my point and ranting away for paragraphs? I said in clear language that Islam is a factor behind FGM, because, as you are right to say, it has been enshrined in its creed. But in Nigeria, Tanzania and Niger FGM is practiced among Christians *more* than among Muslims because the practice predates Islam and has been baked into its cultural habits. Again, Islam is *a* factor, but not *the* factor.

          Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1110570413000258

          Before you come back with ‘but you’re insulting the religion of 1.6 billion people!’, uh?

          No, you’re just battling your imaginary demons. I said in clear language that I dislike Islam for its “religiously mandated incuriosity; imperialist elements and totalistic impulses” and if you are unable to read that is not my fault.

          • Alex says

            1) “religiously mandated incuriosity; imperialist elements and totalistic impulses” For a moment, I really, really thought you talked about Christianity. You know, the same religion that ordered Alan Turing to be chemically castrated. What a fraud you are.

            2) Just so we are clear, FGM isn’t part of the tenets of the Islamic faith. But it is an Islamic problem, as Scholars in Islamic law decided not to take a stand against it. A woman doesn’t need circumcision to become muslim, while men do. FGM isn’t “enshrined” in Islam. Only the caliph can prohibit FGM.

            Read what I said. And try to make the difference between Islamic rulings, and Islam founding principles.

            Now to the core issue.

            When 84% of certain crimes are committed by less than 2% of the population, police need to evaluate their efforts accordingly, and those figures must be given as much publicity as possible.

            What I have a problem with is you stopping short of any reasonable analysis, invoking some ‘cultural’ aspects that you don’t even explicit. If this is a cultural aspect, then what could it be? We don’t know actually, are supposed to connect the dots between ‘steam of misogyny’ and nationality? Are we supposed to triage Pashtuns and Muhajirs at Gatwick?

            In your paragraph “Asian girls were being sexually exploited where authorities were failing to identify or support them” you conveniently fail to mention that this resulted from 35 cases all across the UK, with no connections to the Rotterdam scandal, let alone connections with grooming gangs.

            Then comes the handy Lord MacDonald, we are told perpetrators were ‘racists’. How did they become ‘racist’, we don’t know. Apparently, one can catch racism, like a cold. Never mind it can be taught, and that we have years of experience into this. None one is born into racism.

            Then comes the class element, we’re told 2/3 had emotional issues. What does that even mean? There were issues of parental addiction in 20 percent of cases and parental mental health issues in over a third of cases. So how about the 80% and 70% cases that didn’t?

            This entire piece bends credible, hard data with anecdotal evidences, unconnected results from different studies, moot social facts, secondary factors taken as primary ones, to finally conclude “we don’t know enough”.

            All the while skipping years of efforts by ex muslims who have raised the alarm on the nature of Islam, at great cost to their personal safety. Somehow we’re told that a pen pusher who doesn’t read or write Arabic, who doesn’t even have a basic understanding of Islam, can form a *one paragraph long* (!!!) of recycled opinions to counter Majid Nawaaz, ex-Islamic preacher now reformer, who knows half of the Quran by heart.

            So then what? It’s like “Madhya Pradesh” apparently, let’s happily move East and kick the can down the road. Oh, that’s great.

            Tell you what, whoever has an ax to grind will love your article. The xenophobes (It’s the Pakistanis, I told you!), the globalists (It’s not Islam), the racists (oh, gosh, the are all brown!!), the radicals (the globalists liked it), the perpetual unhappy (this country is a mess), those against everything and for nothing.

            In fact, you’re everybody’s guy. When pushed on Islam, you sing Islam, on ethnicity you sing Pakistanis, on morals you have that prepared http link, on social issues “half a pound of this great study down there?”.

            This isn’t an article, it’s a grocery store, an all you can eat buffet, a rent-seeking opinion looking for a protector.

  22. Alec says

    But keep Lauren Southern out of the county. For the children.

  23. The “they were not devout Muslims” observation misses the point about how religion influences behaviour. Muslim countries are significantly negatively correlated with human rights and the status of women, while Christian countries are significantly positively correlated with human rights and the status of women. (This is not an income effect, there is no correlation between either religion and average per capita GDP). It is not the fine points of doctrine which matter here — most people are “theologically incorrect”. It is much more about the overall structure of doctrine and fundamental premises.

    Islam sanctifies rape against infidel women not under Muslim control, both via the Quran (“those your right hand possesses”) and various hadith. Centuries of theory and practice have created an entrenched cultural script which can be activated — in the grooming gangs of the UK, the “lover boy” gangs of the Netherlands, the mass sexual assaults of Cologne, etc. It is not wild coincidence that over 90% of those convicted in the grooming gang cases are Muslim men, despite Muslims being such a small proportion of the UK population.

  24. (1) You claim I’m an apologist for Islam, then I criticise Islam, then you bring up Christianity out of nowhere? Lol, take a breath.
    (2) That doesn’t contradict what I said at all. When I said “enshrined” I meant it had been recommended by the hadiths.
    (3) It’s Rotherham, not Rotterdam. Again, take a breath. And I know there were different cases, I put that right in the first paragraph.
    (4) Yes, fair enough. You’re right my piece could have been more comprehensive. But when people deny that there are ethnic/cultural factors it’s important just to establish that there are. I think Islam is a factor, as I acknowledged and as you repeatedly ignore my acknowledging. I think patriarchal traditions can be problematic in a sense that transcends Islam (AFAIK honour killings, for example, predated Islam in the region, though Islam has of course obstructed their elimination.) I think “clannishness” is a factor, because people from more clannish societies, including non-Islamic societies, are more difficult to integrate into other societies. Saying “it’s Islam” would be rhetorically effective because a lot of people are simple-minded enough to believe phenomena must have single causes but it would not be correct.

    Also, lol @ your little “rent-seeking” rant. Yeah, I’m sure leftists and liberals *loved* a piece which explicitly blamed multiculturalists. I was really going out of my way to please everyone there. I’m going to stop feeding your anger issues now. Have a nice day.

    • Alex says

      You’re neither an apologist nor principled. You go where the wind blows. But you’re right, it’s better we cut it here.

      Last, I really can’t help.

      >>That doesn’t contradict what I said at all. When I said “enshrined” I meant it had been recommended by the hadiths.

      There are no authentic Hadiths recommending female circumcision, none, nada. Otherwise, it would have been included in islamic jurisprudence.

      You make stuff up, as usual. Exactly as I described you were.

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  27. John Walker says

    Give them a break. They’re probably just homesick.

  28. Alys Williams says

    It is difficult to recognise the country in which I grew up with parts of the UK now and what is going on in just about every town of any size with a Muslim population. The rape of children is unspeakable and on such a scale. I am deeply saddened by it all and by the willful blindness of those in authority. What have we done?

  29. augustine says

    A cogent contribution to Western perspectives on Islam, carefully worded as others have noted. Perhaps too carefully worded, in the sense that impartiality has (and needs to have) some reasonable limits.

    With what we know now about Islam that we did not until recent decades– and never desired to know– tells any sensible person that Islam is a radical threat to Western ideas and peoples. It has been such a threat since its inception. The rape phenomenon described here, regardless of what extent it owes to culture or religious expression, is now understood well enough to identify its source and formulate solutions aggressively.

    I am reminded of an adage of our forebears during WWII, one that I am sure is shared by many others outside Europe: “We were not focused on the goal of peace. We were focused on the goal of victory.”

    What will victory look like for us? Or them?

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  32. b. gast says

    The political correct people who called islam critiques racists ar directly responsable for these horrible crimes against the most vulnerable children in the UK by deliberatly denying, lying and covering up of what was happening to these children. They delberatly protected and helped the gang rapers for 3 deceniums long. They are racist criminals. Political correctness has become the most hypocritical, perverted and criminal ideology of the last 3 decades and it’s followers are no more than criminals.

  33. One day someone will prove that an attempt to offend someone leads directly to offending others. Cab drivers, for example. As a young man, I once had to figure out how to get a dead-drunk, passed out girl out of my cab, into her home and leave her key somehow after I locked up in such as way as not to be guilty of any crime. Another time, a very young prostitute accepted my offer of a spare jacket when it was snowing on one condition: “It’s gotta look good!” Talking about cabbing being a gateway to trafficking in girls is like calling sports coaching, teaching, camp counselling, and the priesthood gateways to sexual abuse of children when in fact, child abusers and pimps go where the action is.

    As for “Asians,” I worked for Asians making miniature pools and ponds, Japanese gardens. One survived Nagasaki. I don’t remember him having a side business of selling young flesh. Or the Chinese gardener I worked with. Nor are these groups Thai, Cambodians, Vietnamese, Koreans, and so on. All this care not to offend that ends up offending others just because the author, just like the authorities, took such pains to avoid using the word “Muslim” and, because they took such pains, allowed the pain of these girls to go on and on.

    But they drank and didn’t pray. So what? The perpetrators consider the lands of their emigration to be their own now, not theirs to live in but possess, body and soul with everything in it, and that’s why they do what they do. Theirs is a return to the authority of the distant past, a truly primeval political order. The author is a coward. Such tenderness and care is wrong for such an ugly continuing series of events. But perhaps I offend. Maybe the author is British and can be arrested for telling the truth. Even for THINKING it or FEELING it.

    Meanwhile the girls go swirling down the drain.


    “We cannot cure an illness before we have understood it.” Irrelevant. This was predictable, and in fact was predicted. This was a preventable disease. You could have simply not incurred it in the first place.

    So go ahead and remain in denial of the harsh reality of what it will take to “cure” this.

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