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The Original Heterodox Publication

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The Original Heterodox Publication
Quillette Social, Toronto 2019. Photo by Jonathan Castellino

Quillette, the original heterodox magazine founded in 2015, is crafted for curious and academically inclined readers like you.

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Quillette is an Australian-based but internationally-focused online magazine that specialises in long-form analysis and cultural commentary. We are politically non-partisan, but rely on reason, science, and humanism as our guiding values. Contributors include Steven Pinker, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Francis Fukuyama, Camille Paglia, and Jordan Peterson. Quillette was founded by Claire Lehmann in 2015, and incorporated in 2018 in Sydney, Australia. The Quillette team regularly throws parties for its subscribers all around the world. These parties are called Quillette Socials, and they’re a chance for our community to come together, network, and have fun.