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Has social justice become a religion?

While acknowledging that some aspects of modern social justice movements are vital and necessary, John McWhorter has likened some progressive activism to a new expression of ancient religious impulse – with its own versions of Original Sin, rituals, dogma, and even excommunication—often in the form of “cancel culture.”

At a time when emotions are heightened and divisions seem intractable, his moderating voice is more valuable than ever. Join him in conversation with political satirist and television presenter Josh Szeps on September 26.

As an associate professor of linguistics and comparative literature at Columbia University for over 25 years, and a popular writer penning pieces for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Politico and The New Yorker (just to name a few), John is well-versed in the dangers and pitfalls of radical social justice.

Earlier this year, his article on police crime statistics was Quillette’s fourth most-read article, and he has expounded on why he chose to sign the famous ‘Harper’s Letter’.

Event date: Saturday 26 September – 10AM AEST & 12PM NZT | Friday 25 September – 8PM ET & 5PM PT



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Navigating the current moment has never been more tense.

Social-distancing is keeping us apart physically, and while we might try to connect with others online, hyper-partisanship, cancel culture and tribalism are driving us to be in constant opposition.

Echo-chambers and shouting matches are crowding out the important conversations we need to have.

We want to change that. Our new online live event series ‘Free Thought Live’, proudly supported by Think Inc., aims to help you grapple with the current moment, while bringing an international community together to repair some of the wreckage of 2020. Bold thinkers, unafraid to challenge the dogmas held by political tribes, will be given a platform to speak at a time when fresh ideas have never been more necessary.


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