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For years climate alarmism has steered the conversation about environmental conservation, stoking fears of an impending apocalypse–but is this line of thinking driven by robust evidence?

Environmental activist Mike Shellenberger doesn’t believe so, and wants you to consider what’s best for us and the planet may NOT be the apocalyptic narrative.

Working as an environmental activist for over 30 years, he co-created the predecessor policy to today’s Green New Deal, helped save the last unprotected redwoods in California, and has led efforts to keep nuclear plants in operation as alternative clean energy sources.

Now his mission is to raise awareness of basic facts regarding energy, the environment, and global poverty.

Join him live and online to explore the irrational aversion to nuclear energy, how renewables aren’t going save the planet, and how “clean energy” doesn’t need to come at the cost of economic development, and why modern environmentalism has become a version of spiritualism for many in the West.

Saturday, October 24th – 12pm AEDT



Our main aim with this series is to facilitate honest conversations about some of the most pressing issues of our time, having as many people in the room as possible. 

That’s why we’ve made the Main Event completely free for everyone to enjoy! Read on to find out more:


A free presentation where our guest speaker explores ideas and events that need to be considered now more than ever. The audience has the opportunity to debate and ask questions during the show via the Event Chat.



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Navigating the current moment has never been more tense.

Social-distancing is keeping us apart physically, and while we might try to connect with others online, hyper-partisanship, cancel culture and tribalism are driving us to be in constant opposition.

Echo-chambers and shouting matches are crowding out the important conversations we need to have.

We want to change that. Our new online live event series ‘Free Thought Live’, proudly supported by Think Inc., aims to help you grapple with the current moment, while bringing an international community together to repair some of the wreckage of 2020. Bold thinkers, unafraid to challenge the dogmas held by political tribes, will be given a platform to speak at a time when fresh ideas have never been more necessary.


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