Free Thought Live

Free Thought Live presents Glenn Loury

Saturday, December 19th – 10am AEDT


All of us, well the overwhelming majority of people, want to make the world a better place. The best way to achieve this goal differs from person to person, and it’s in the friction of these competing ideas, set against a virtuous ambition, that meaningful and positive change is driven.

At our fourth and final Free Thought Live event for 2020, liberal humanist, cultural and political writer, editor-in-chief of Areo, and most recently the co-author of the wildly successful book Cynical Theories, Helen Pluckrose will investigate how “Critical Social Justice” is a twisted version of postmodern ideas.

Join Helen as she investigates how popular concepts of “wokeness” ignore the nuances of social issues and paint people with a brush they often don’t resonate with:

“… black people are politically and intellectually diverse… many women reject intersectional concepts of feminism, few LGBT people have even read queer theory, the majority of trans people just want to be left alone to live as feels authentic, and most obese and disabled

people have no wish to take this aspect of themselves on as a political identity.” – Helen Pluckrose, An Interview with Jason D. Hill

In celebrating poorly rationalised notions that are made popular based on feelings rather than facts, bad ideas are allowed to thrive and gain momentum rather than die a natural death. Helen seeks to inject science, reason and liberalism back into social discourse, providing a cure for the “broad stroke” concepts that dominate so many of today’s discussions.

Her fear is that by pushing too far to the left without a foundation rooted in sound reasoning, the extreme right are finding a louder voice and are threatening to roll back the amazing advancements made for gender, racial and LGBT equality.

Maligned by both the far left and the far right, Helen defines herself as a leftist on a mission to fix her ideological base. Quillette is proud to present Helen Pluckrose for a conversation on how to make liberalism, humanism, science and reason the core values of society once again – Grab your tickets today!


Our main aim with this series is to facilitate honest conversations about some of the most pressing issues of our time, having as many people in the room as possible.

That’s why we’ve made the Main Event completely free for everyone to enjoy! Read on to find out more:


A free presentation where our guest speaker explores ideas and events that need to be considered now more than ever. The audience has the opportunity to debate and ask questions during the show via the Event Chat.



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