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Quillette Podcast 32 – Doriane Lambelet Coleman on the Caster Semenya Trial

Jonathan Kay talks to Doriane Lambelet Coleman, the 800m-runner-turned-academic, about the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s rejection of Caster Semenya’s appeal. As a result of the decision, Semenya will not be able to compete in women’s middle distance events unless she chemically alters her testosterone level. Doriane Labelet Coleman wrote about the case for Quillette.

Quillette Podcast 28 – Jamie Kilstein on leaving the Social Justice cult and becoming a non-tribal comedian

Jonathan Kay talks to stand-up comedian Jamie Kilstein about leaving the Social Justice Left, having Robin Williams as a patron, being blocked by David Frum, moving to LA, and his new, non-tribal, un-woke podcast. You can listen to Jamie’s stand-up at the Quillette Social in Toronto here and read his Quillette article about leaving the cult here.

Quillette Podcast 25 – Professor Robert Tombs on Why the English Intelligentsia Hates Brexit

 Toby Young talks to Robert Tombs, Cambridge history professor, about why he supports Brexit, why so many of his colleagues don’t, whether the English intelligentsia’s loathing of their country is a uniquely English characteristic, and what their reaction is likely to be if the United Kingdom does eventually leave the European Union. Robert Tombs is the author of The English and Their History, described by David Frum as “a book for our times that should become the standard text for the century to come,” and co-editor of Briefings For Brexit.