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Jonathan Kay

Jonathan Kay is an editor and writer at Quillette, a TedX speaker, an op-ed columnist at National Post, and host of the Quillette podcast. His work has appeared recently in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Atlantic, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Skeptic, Canadian Lawyer and Canadian Jewish News. His books include Among The Truthers (2011), Legacy: How French Canadians Shaped North America (2016), Your Move (2019), Panics and Persecutions (2020), and the forthcoming Magic in the Dark: One Family’s Century of Adventures in the Movie Business (2021).

Colin Wright

Colin Wright is the Managing Editor of Quillette. He received his PhD in evolutionary biology from UC Santa Barbara in 2018, and founded Reality’s Last Stand, a publication and newsletter exploring the debate around sex and gender. Colin has bylines in The Wall Street Journal, Quillette, and The Times. You can follow him on Twitter @SwipeWright. Read Colin’s articles here: The New Evolution Deniers—Quillette (2018) No One Is Born in ‘The Wrong Body’—Quillette (2019) The Dangerous Denial of Sex—The Wall Street Journal (2020) JK Rowling Is Right—Sex Is Real and It Is Not a “Spectrum”—Quillette (2020) On Sex and Gender, The New England Journal of Medicine Has Abandoned Its Scientific Mission—Quillette (2020) Think Cancel Culture Doesn’t Exist? My Own ‘Lived Experience’ Says Otherwise—Quillette (2020)