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Muslim Antisemitism and the Western Left
New York, New York, USA. 26th Oct, 2023. Alamy

Muslim Antisemitism and the Western Left

The pro-Hamas demonstrations are driven by the identification of Israel with “colonialism” and the idea that the Palestinians are anti-colonialists. This approach is based on ignorance.

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The Hamas attack on a dozen or so Israeli villages and towns on 7 October produced truly horrific images—of decapitated babies, raped and murdered women, mutilated corpses, slaughtered families, and 230 infants, children, women, men, and octogenarians taken as hostages to dungeons in Gaza.

But no image was as disheartening as the photo of Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish environmental activist, holding a sign reading “Stand with Gaza” in a photo taken mere days after the killing of around 1,400 people, mostly Jews, along with a smattering of Israeli Arabs and East Asian agricultural workers, by the Palestinian fundamentalists. “Stand with Gaza” appeared with no qualifiers. Given the circumstances, it meant “we oppose the Israeli counterstrike against the terrorists in Gaza.” And perhaps it also meant that Israel had no right to exist, and that Hamas are right.

Thunberg was not alone. Across the campuses of Western Europe and America’s leading universities, youngsters demonstrated and marched in support of the Palestinians. The slaughter of the Jews that triggered the Israeli assault on Hamas was never mentioned. Prominent among the demonstrators, to judge from the photos, were Muslims (as indicated by their headwear and scarves), but there was also, often, a substantial non-Muslim presence consisting of Christians and at least a sprinkling of Jews.

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