Wrongspeak is an all-new podcast featuring two Toronto-based political commentators committed to telling stories about “the things we believe to be true but cannot say.” Its mission is to push listeners past received wisdom, follow the evidence, and open up a fearless but constructive dialogue on important issues.

Jonathan Kay is the Canadian editor of Quillette, is a former engineer and lawyer, a best-selling New York Times-reviewed book author, and a political commentator whose work appears regularly in Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, Foreign Affairs, CNN.com, and Canada’s National Post. Dr. Debra Soh is a former academic researcher with a PhD in sexual neuroscience who contributes to Quillette, Canada’s Globe & Mail and Playboy.

Introductory episodes include:

— “James Damore’s Inconvenient Brain,” featuring a revealing interview with the controversial ex-Google engineer, alongside a close look at the actual science behind his infamous “Google Memo” on how gender plays out in the tech field;

— “The Shepherd Effect,” which introduces global listeners to the fascinating saga of Canadian graduate student Lindsay Shepherd, as well as surprising interviews that cast fresh light on how she became a free-speech icon;

— “Too Young To Transition?” asks whether some children who identify as trans may be receiving definitive gender diagnoses too soon for their own good; and

— “Is Political Correctness Killing Comedy?” goes deep into the art of laughter and the agony of censorship with performers such as Mike Ward, fined $42,000 by a Canadian human rights tribunal for telling a joke that a young singer’s family didn’t find funny.

Wrongspeak will soon be available on iTunes and other podcast platforms. Follow on Twitter/Facebook: @Wrongspeak. For more information: wrongspeak@gmail.com